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Open thread for night owls: Bursting false stereotypes about millennials who live at home

Gillian B. White at The Atlantic writes—The False Stereotypes About Millennials Who Live at Home: It’s easy to make fun of Millennials. They’ve been labeled spoiled, entitled, andlazy, and the fact that so many of them—nearly one in three, according to a recent Pew Research Center report [...]

It’s a long way down holiday road

Today is a day for reflection and remembrance. It’s a day where we’re supposed to put aside differences to pay tribute to those who’ve sacrificed everything for a world where there can be barbecues, parades, and people enjoying the start of summer in happiness and peace. I’m always fascin [...]

Watch Rep. Zoe Lofgren refuse to let bigoted ignorance pass unchallenged

Watch … and hope that more people will speak up and speak out against hate like Rep. Lofgren did: x YouTube Video Kudos to Rep. Lofgren. Go to Source : Watch Rep. Zoe Lofgren refuse to let bigoted ignorance pass unchallenged

One of the few people who will serve the entire two terms of Obama’s presidency is White House photographer Pete Souza. Jonathan Jone [...]

This Is What Happens When You Make Trump Commander In Chief

Some of things that Trump is going to get the military to do over their objections include deliberately murdering innocent civilians, indiscriminately bombing civilian areas, and committing torture. The post This Is What Happens When You Make Trump Commander In Chief appeared first on Th [...]

California Planned Parenthood clinic closed by suspected arson

Republican-controlled state governments have a boatload of ways to get in the way of women’s health care. But what do you do when you hate Planned Parenthood but the state government isn’t going to try to shut it down? It looks like for someone, the answer may be arson: A suspicious fire [...]

What a waste … Memorial Day (a short story)

I originally wrote this short story on Memorial Day of 2010, and first published an un-edited version of this story on Monday, May 28th, 2012. The idea for this story came after I participated in a Memorial Day ceremony (that was held on the Saturday before Memorial Day) — after the cerem [...]

A few days ago Pew Research analyzed the latest census data and announced that we are now in record-setting territory: More adult children  [...]

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton has upended her schedule, adding more campaign stops in California, in an effort to prevent an embar [...]

Inequality can cause rashes and urinary tract infections

My infant son peed while I was in the middle of changing him the other night, causing me to think about inequality. I got the old diaper off, got the new one in place, started to fasten it … and realized he was peeing. So I sighed, and replaced the now-dirty second diaper, thinking  [...]

President Obama’s remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday focused on the three American service members who were killed figh [...]

NEW CASTLE, N.Y. — Hillary Clinton marched in the New Castle Memorial Day parade on Monday morning, an event that has become an a [...]

Obama calls for better healthcare, jobs for vets

President Obama called for veterans to receive better healthcare and good-paying jobs during a Memorial Day speech at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.“We have to be there not only when we need them, but when they need… Go to Source : Obama calls for be [...]

The Memorial Day history forgot: The Martyrs of the Race Course

I am republishing this in honor of Union soldiers we should not forget — DOV A pencil drawing and a grainy photo in the Library of Congress are all that is left of the cemetery where 257 Union soldiers were buried after the Civil War on what had been a race course in Charles [...]

Jordan Weissmann reads the latest IMF report on Greece and calls this one of the saddest passages you’ll ever read about a developed  [...]

By July 17, 2015, the Huffington Post had seen enough of Donald Trump’s campaign. Their editorial director Danny Shea and their Washi [...]

Greedy. Self-obsessed. Jaded. Power-obsessed. Influenced by no one — except, of course, the cash-carrying lobbyists and super PACs. T [...]

A Memorial Day remembrance

The sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made for our nation transcend politics and ideologies. They don’t get to decide whether to head into battle. But whether noble or (tragically more often) folly, it is they who pay the price. Either way, they deserve our profound admiration  [...]

Buchanan Calls Trump "The Great White Hope"

A lot of people have suggested that Donald Trump’s candidacy this year is heir to the Pat Buchanan campaigns of the 1990’s – including Buchanan himself. The former candidate provided his explanation of Trump’s appeal in an appropriately titled article: The Great Wh [...]

Cartoon: Even more primary phenomena

Support independent cartooning: join Sparky’s List!   And please be sure to check out the TMW store! Go to Source : Cartoon: Even more primary phenomena