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The Government Dropped Some Really Gnarly Herbicide News Right Before Thanksgiving

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, the Environmental Protection Agency revoked its controversial approval of a novel herbicide mix, sending shares of its maker, chemical giant Dow, down nearly 3 percent in Wednesday trading. The product, Enlist Duo, is signature weed-killing cocktail o [...]

Sen. Ted Cruz: Colorado Springs terrorist might really be a ‘transgendered leftist activist’

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is saddened by murders in Colorado Springs, even though they were committed by a terrorist citing the precise conspiracy theory against Planned Parenthood that Ted Cruz has personally been blasting from the campaign trail at every opportunity. Bu [...]

The Paris Climate Talks Get Off to an Energetic Start

The Paris climate talks (COP21), which began today, represent a critical moment for the world, on an issue that normally doesn’t see much progress. But there are a lot of reasons this year’s conference could be different. It’s why we’re putting together this newsletter for the next t [...]

George W. Bush’s chief strategist thinks Jeb Bush has ‘incredibly low’ odds of being the Republican nominee

Matthew Dowd served as George W. Bush’s chief strategist for the Texas governor’s successful 2000 presidential bid and his 2004 reelection race. While Dowd keeps to the sidelines of presidential politics these days — he’s the chief political analyst for ABC News — he [...]

Like a Zombie, You Just Can’t Kill Countrywide Financial

Back at the height of the housing bubble, Countrywide Financial was responsible for about 15 percent of all the mortgage loans in America. This turned out to be disastrous because the people who ran Countrywide showed no interest at all in the quality of the loans they originated. Thanks  [...]

Monday Open Thread

First day back after Thanksgiving is always busy. Here's an open thread, all topics welcome. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Go to Source : Monday Open Thread

Trump blames Black Lives Matter for cancelled black clergy endorsement

The Daily Mail reported this morning that Donald Trump believes Black Lives Matter may have had a hand in a group of African-American pastors pulling their supposed endorsement of him for the U.S. presidency. According to the U.K.-based publication, Trump was on today’s Morning Joe progra [...]

Behind Hillary Clinton’s $250 Million Infrastructure Plan

The proposals include improving airports, bridges, and high-speed internet connectivity. The post Behind Hillary Clinton’s $250 Million Infrastructure Plan appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Behind Hillary Clinton’s $250 Million Infrastructure Plan

Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Create More Than 3 Million Jobs Through Infrastructure

The proposals include improving airports, bridges, and high-speed internet connectivity. The post Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Create More Than 3 Million Jobs Through Infrastructure appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Create More Than 3 Million Jo [...]

These Tweets About Attacks on Abortion Providers Should Make Your Blood Boil

Last Friday, three people were killed and at least nine were injured when Robert Lewis Dear allegedly shot them at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility. This assault was the latest in a recent surge of violence against women’s health clinics following the release of doctor [...]

Midday open thread: ‘Black Friday’ sales survey debunked; why minority millennials can’t get ahead

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is ‘Tis the War on Christmas season! What you may have missed on Sunday Kos … Another barrier to Democratic down-ballot majorities: Are Democratic voters more ‘bipartisan’? by Steve Singiser This is fascism, and we should say it cle [...]

Every Female Democratic Senator Is Backing Clinton—With One Notable Exception

Hillary Clinton will make a stop in Washington, DC, on Monday night to show off her resounding support from the Democratic women in the US Senate. At a “Women for Hillary” event near the Capitol, 13 of the 14 female Democratic senators will voice their support for Clinton̵ [...]

Diplomacy in the Shadow of Terror

LE BOURGET, France—On the first of my two flights this weekend, I sat next to a defense contractor from Kentucky. He was on his way to Fairbanks, Alaska, for a project that sounded at once too mundane and too secretive to ask him to explain. The forecast up there was calling for temperatu [...]

Here’s how much the United States spends on refugees

Conventional wisdom among some politicians has it that taking in refugees is a financial burden to the United States. Once they’re here, the federal government has an entire office dedicated to resettling them, making sure they get medical assistance and some spending money ($1, [...]

It’s now or never for Chris Christie

Chris Christie had been waiting more than a year for last Saturday night. The endorsement of his presidential bid by the New Hampshire Union Leader, which came down in the heart of the Thanksgiving weekend, might not seem like a big deal for Christie (or the rest of the field) at firs [...]

Bernie Sanders having outpatient hernia repair, his office says

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) was undergoing an elective outpatient hernia repair procedure on Monday afternoon at George Washington University Hospital, his spokesman said. The Democratic presidential hopeful is expected to resume his Senate duties on Tuesday and return to the campaign t [...]

Back in 2004, the FBI served Nicholas Merrill with a National Security Letter. Merrill owned Calyx Internet Access, and the FBI wanted him  [...]

Want to Know What’s Happening in Paris This Week? Watch This

Just a few weeks after a national poll found that most Americans want the United States to reduce its greenhouse gas footprint, the White House announced billions of dollars in new funding for clean energy innovations. Is solar paint the wave of the future? Will Republicans in Congress su [...]

Another top Romney ally signs on with Rubio

Michigan businessman and prominent Republican financier John Rakolta Jr. endorsed Marco Rubio for president on Monday and has begun tapping his network of friends and associates to raise money for the Florida senator’s campaign. Rakolta, who served as a national finance co-chair [...]

Donald Trump’s botched meeting with black pastors, and the limits of old-school racial appeals

A group of black pastors — with at least one notable exception — say the meeting was never going to end in some kind of mass endorsement of Donald Trump. It was just an invitation-only sit down with Trump to talk politics. Trump’s campaign team seemed to have started [...]