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Here’s how much the United States spends on refugees

Conventional wisdom among some politicians has it that taking in refugees is a financial burden to the United States. Once they’re here, the federal government has an entire office dedicated to resettling them, making sure they get medical assistance and some spending money ($1, [...]

It’s now or never for Chris Christie

Chris Christie had been waiting more than a year for last Saturday night. The endorsement of his presidential bid by the New Hampshire Union Leader, which came down in the heart of the Thanksgiving weekend, might not seem like a big deal for Christie (or the rest of the field) at firs [...]

Bernie Sanders having outpatient hernia repair, his office says

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) was undergoing an elective outpatient hernia repair procedure on Monday afternoon at George Washington University Hospital, his spokesman said. The Democratic presidential hopeful is expected to resume his Senate duties on Tuesday and return to the campaign t [...]

Another top Romney ally signs on with Rubio

Michigan businessman and prominent Republican financier John Rakolta Jr. endorsed Marco Rubio for president on Monday and has begun tapping his network of friends and associates to raise money for the Florida senator’s campaign. Rakolta, who served as a national finance co-chair [...]

Donald Trump’s botched meeting with black pastors, and the limits of old-school racial appeals

A group of black pastors — with at least one notable exception — say the meeting was never going to end in some kind of mass endorsement of Donald Trump. It was just an invitation-only sit down with Trump to talk politics. Trump’s campaign team seemed to have started [...]

Congress preps for eventful sprint to the finish line

Buckle up! Congress has saved its most critical work for last and lawmakers will be on a mad dash to complete their work in the time remaining—about 15 days. Per usual, one of those items includes avoiding a government shutdown, only this time Republicans will be on the hook for stewardin [...]

A Politico reporter’s curious defense of his ‘no-risk’ interview offer to Chelsea Clinton

He offered to do something he shouldn’t do, but he didn’t actually do it. Not that he ever would have, because his better judgment would have kicked in (at some point) and stopped him. That’s the short version of a mea culpa that Politico’s Mike Allen included Monday in the first edit [...]

Black Pastors Rail Against Closed-Door Meeting With Trump, Citing Racist Language And Incitement

“We will never know the full extent of the collateral damage of [Trump’s] words.” The post Black Pastors Rail Against Closed-Door Meeting With Trump, Citing Racist Language And Incitement appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Black Pastors Rail Against Closed-D [...]

In wake of terrorism in Colorado Springs, Carly Fiorina proves herself a psychopath

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is a psychopath. This isn’t new or surprising information; she has been a psychopath for apparently her entire professional life, and she is running for president behind numerous other psychopaths who would be hard-pressed to collectiv [...]

Marc Nozell/Flickr Let’s take a look at this Associated Press piece that is being prominently featured at the Fox News website. Th [...]

Here’s the most recent Pollster aggregate of the GOP primary contest. Donald Trump’s scheme to prove that Republican voters are [...]

Ted Cruz cites reports that Planned Parenthood shooter could be ‘transgendered leftist activist.’ What?

Officially, the motive of alleged Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear remains unclear. Unofficial motive/details on #CentennialBlshooting may impact investigation/prosecution @CSPDPIO @EPCSheriff ONLY official info source. — Springs Police (@CSPDPIO) November 29, 2015 B [...]

Clinton proposes $275 billion spending for infrastructure

During a speech Sunday at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, Hillary Clinton announced a few details of her proposal for restoring the decaying U.S. infrastructure. Clinton told​ a crowd packed with members of the Laborers International Union and Carpenters Union that, as president, she would boost f [...]

New Orleans public defenders ask judge to stop assigning them cases, plead for ‘judicial mercy’

Public defenders in New Orleans are looking for a little bit of mercy this holiday season. Many indigent defense offices nationwide suffer from chronic understaffing and underfunding. But the crisis is particularly bad in Orleans Parish, where both clients and public defenders are victims [...]

Key lawmaker opens new front in fight with government climate scientists, saying they cherry-picked data

House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) has opened a new line of attack in his battle with federal climate scientists with a claim that they ignored crucial satellite data in a high-profile global warming study. The prominent congressional climate skeptic says in an Op-e [...]

Obama’s New Climate Change Message: There’s Hope

President Barack Obama has laid years of groundwork in order to be able to say these words in front of 150 world leaders at the COP21 Paris climate conference: “I’ve come here personally, as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second-largest emitter, to say that the United S [...]

The very bitter debate over Planned Parenthood, in 6 moments

The shootings at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colo., over the holiday have put the debate over the women’s health services and abortion provider back in the news. And already, left and right are arguing in very heated terms over the shooter reportedly sayin [...]

Why Republicans could lose the White House for decades to come, in 2 charts

Politics — and political journalism — these days is full of charts, stats, facts and maps. It’s easy amid that avalanche of data to lose the thread, to forget what really matters when it comes to the present state of the electorate and, more importantly, where the co [...]

The App Around the Corner

Here’s a very incomplete list of the things that have closed in my old New York City neighborhood in the last 10 years: the pizza place, the laundromat, the Chinese food place (Mamma Buddha), the other Chinese food place (Baby Buddha), the pastry shop, the antique store, the other antique [...]

Donald Trump’s theory about why black clergy won’t publicly endorse him

Donald Trump said Monday he suspects that Black Lives Matters activists pressured African American clergy members not to publicly endorse him, forcing his campaign to quickly cancel a news conference that was scheduled for Monday at Trump Tower in New York. Trump planned to meet priva [...]