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    Open thread for night owls: Millions more workers face pension cuts thanks to Wall Street greed

    Jake Johnson at Common Dreams writes—As Millions of Workers Face Pension Cuts Thanks to Wall Street Greed, Executive Benefits Remain Lavish: In October of 2008, while the economy was in the early stages of what the IMF called “the worst recession since World War II,” the Wash [...]

    Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!

    From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Late Night Snark (and Other Tasty Bits) “According to a new poll that just came out, fifty percent of Republicans say they could support Donald Trump. The other fifty percent are a group calling themselves women.” —Conan O’Brien “If you’re [...]

    Pentagon Won’t Prosecute Troops Involved in Deadly Strike on Afghan Doctors Without Borders Hospital

    The Pentagon does not plan to prosecute any of the military personnel involved in a deadly airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan last fall. The announcement came as the Pentagon released its investigation, which provided new details about the circumstances that led to the attack. The inc [...]

    West Wing Week 4/29/16 or, “Let's Have a Conversation”

    Last week we left you in Saudi Arabia, and this week, the President continued his travels abroad. In London, he met with the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and actors bringing Shakespeare to life. In Germany, he witnessed innovation and technology hard at  [...]

    Why was this Night Different from All Other Nights: An Eighth and Final Seder in the White House

    Shabbat Shalom to all! Yesterday, President and Mrs. Obama hosted the White House Passover Seder. As we say when we read the Passover Haggadah, why was this night different from all other nights? This night was different from all other nights because, as the President wrote [...]

    The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders said Friday that it has dropped a four-month-old lawsuit that accused the Democratic Nati [...]

    LGBT groups ask Obama administration to pull education funds from North Carolina, other states

    A group of the nation’s most important defenders of LGBT rights have written to ask the Obama administration to pull federal education funding from states that pass laws legalizing transgender discrimination in their schools. It was sent by the American Civil Liberties Union, GLBTQ  [...]

    Cartoon: More monetary makeovers

    I’m apparently a huge currency nerd and can’t pass up an opportunity to do a cartoon about it whenever it’s in the news, even during a heated primary season. Here’s the cartoon I did last year when the petition first started to gain national attention. Go to Source : Cartoon: More mon [...]

    Quick Take

    As I was getting ready to round up items for “Quick Takes” today, a friend sent me a link to something Charles Pierce wrote today. In a sense, he ruined my search. After reading the Pierce article, I found that everything else I might have considered sounded like noise. And so [...]

    BURLINGAME, Calif. — Protesters opposed to Donald Trump and police officers clashed outside a hotel here Friday ahead of a spee [...]

    James Mattis: ‘White Knight’ campaign for third party conservative ends before it begins

    The low-key, desperate and increasingly watched campaign to draft retired general James Mattis into the presidential race ended this week, as the would-be-candidate slammed the door. As first reported by the New York Times’s Alexander Burns, Mattis emailed Weekly Standard editor Bil [...]

    Video: Clinton on Marijuana Research

    This week, CNN’s Jake Tapper, with the help of, fact-checks Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s claim that “you can’t do any research about” marijuana because it’s a Schedule I drug. That’s false. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration classifies drug [...]

    Republican Party’s favorability ratings slip to a 20+ year low

    C’mon, everybody! Let’s auger this baby right into the ground! The Republican Party’s image, already quite negative, has slipped since last fall. Currently 33% of the public has a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 62% have an unfavorable view. Unfavorable opi [...]

    Some Thoughts on Cynicism

    Today Kevin Drum wrote about why he never “felt the bern.” I’m going to let you read his thoughts on that because I want to zero in on this: But there’s a decent chance that Bernie’s failure will result in a net increase of cynicism about politics, and that&# [...]

    Clashes erupt at tense protest outside Trump event in California

    BURLINGAME, Calif. — Protesters opposed to Donald Trump and police officers clashed outside a hotel here Friday ahead of a speech by the Republican front-runner, the second tense confrontation near one of his events in as many days. Demonstrators pushed toward the doors to the Hyatt [...]

    The Supreme Court Just Made Government Hacking Much Easier

    A Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday could make it much easier for the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to hack computers across the country, angering privacy advocates and drawing a rebuke from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). The court approved a change to Rule 41 of the federal [...]

    Emergency Preparedness: Are You Ready?

    Disasters can strike anywhere at just about any time reminding us of the power of Mother Nature. The question is: are you ready? The good news is that schools, organizations, faith-based organizations and businesses across the country are stepping up their disaster preparedness efforts. [...]

    A Week of Slaughter in Aleppo Also Destroyed Its Hospital

    On Wednesday night, two missiles from the Assad regime’s Syrian Arab Air Force struck the Al Quds hospital in Aleppo, killing at least 14 medical staff and patients, including one of the last pediatricians who still worked in Syria’s largest city. Within 24 hours of the attack [...]

    Come Watch Donald Trump Invade California’s Liberal Paradise

    With California’s unusually high-stakes primary just weeks away, the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination have descended on their party’s state convention in Burlingame, a suburban enclave 16 miles south of San Francisco. This weekend’s convention wi [...]