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Day’s End and Night Watch

One a these days people will be voting on Tuesdays. Political Animals can barely wait! Here are some remains of the day: * Marco Rubio delivers a Big Speech on Higher Ed, apparently denouncing accreditation systems while endorsing data on post-college earnings. Seems he’s having  [...]

Donald Trump’s Latest Dumb Press Release Will Make You Glad Donald Trump Writes His Own Press Releases

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Donald Trump’s latest press release is the greatest thing ever — Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) July 7, 2015 Update, 6:48pm ET: Keen-eyed Mother Jones editor Ian Gordon has found the real scandal:  [...]

Supercut: Joe Biden Has a Really Itchy Face

The first thing I want to say is this: I didn’t intend to make this video. My project was more noble. I’ve noticed Vice President Joe Biden appearing a lot recently with President Obama at big news conferences—the Cuba embassy announcement, when the Supreme Court uphold [...]

OPM “failures” are topic of fifth hearing on data breach

Fortunately for Katherine Archuleta, she is not scheduled to attend yet another hearing Wednesday on the massive federal employee data breach. After a marathon run of four scathing congressional sessions last month, she won’t have to again hear about the failures of the Office of Personne [...]

The Immigration Question GOPers Keep Avoiding

This is hardly a new subject for debate (I mentioned it earlier today in terms of The Donald’s culture-war posture on the subject). But I appreciate Sahil Kapur’s (now with Bloomberg Politics) bulldog effort to get a clear answer from GOP presidential candidates: what, exactly [...]

Jimmy Carter and the Great Lost Southern Baptist Tradition of Freedom

So the 39th President of the United States had this to say in an interview at HuffPost (per a summary from Mediaite‘s Alex Griswold), when asked about same-sex marriage: I believe that Jesus would approve of gay marriage, but I’m not- that’s just my own personal belief,& [...]

Clinton steps up attacks on GOP presidential candidates in Iowa — but steers clear of knocking her Democratic rivals

IOWA CITY — Hillary Rodham Clinton escalated her criticism of her GOP presidential rivals during a campaign stop here in Iowa City on Tuesday, knocking the field of candidates on immigration reform, health care and LGBT issues while steering clear of directly attacking her Democrati [...]

Obama administration unveils plan to triple solar capacity in subsidized housing

The Obama administration is moving forward with new projects to expand the use of ever-cheaper solar power in America. This time it’s a plan to bring solar panels to America’s lower and middle class, people who could greatly benefit from lower electricity bills and generally  [...]

Hillary Clinton: Republican candidates ‘on a spectrum of hostility’ toward immigrants

Hillary Clinton says that Republican presidential candidates “range across a spectrum of hostility” when it comes to immigration and that her campaign will advocate for comprehensive reforms. Sitting on Tuesday for her first national television interview as a declared presiden [...]

Hillary Clinton Says She Is "Very Disappointed" in Donald Trump

In a new interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton weighed in on the continuing controversy over Donald Trump’s presidential announcement speech in which he characterized Mexican immigrants crossing the border as criminals and  “rapists.” “I am very disappointed in [...]

Mailbag: Trump’s Announcement Speech

This week, a reader sent us a letter about Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants coming to the United States. In the FactCheck Mailbag, we feature some of the email we receive. Readers can send comments to [...]

Drifting Towards Grexit

I’m hardly an expert on public finance, especially in the convoluted context of the Greek collision with its European creditors. But two days after Greek voters decisively vetoed an unconditional surrender to the Troika controlling financial assistance for Greece, European financial [...]

Greek Update: Proposal? What Proposal? I Thought You Were Going To Make A Proposal

Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras, accompanied by his new finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, arrived at an afternoon meeting of Eurozone finance ministers a formal written proposal. That’s right. No proposal. The Wall street Journal reports, Emboldened by Sunday’s poll results, Mr [...]

Open Government Fight Not Over

Bill Lueders Photo by Tanner Cole When I heard the news, I was in a car heading to Milwaukee for a family event. Fortunately, I was not driving. It was July 2, late afternoon, on the cusp of a holiday weekend. The reporter who called began reading changes to the [...]

When did black Americans start voting so heavily Democratic?

We are accustomed to a chart that looks like this. That’s the party identification split among black Americans as measured by Pew Research since 1992. Compare it with this chart, detailing the partisan identification of whites. Again, we’re used to this: A strongly Democratic  [...]

Polar Bears and Extreme Weather

SciCheck writer Dave Levitan of was interviewed by Ira Flatow for a segment on Science Friday about the 10th International Conference on Climate Change. Levitan and Flatow discussed a claim from Sen. James Inhofe about the polar bear population, as well as claims from Rep. L [...]

I Can’t Stop Laughing At This Vine of a Little Kid Dunking a Basketball

If it makes me a bad person to laugh at this Vine, then I guess I’m a bad person. (via Deadspin) Go to Source : I Can’t Stop Laughing At This Vine of a Little Kid Dunking a Basketball

Rick Perry 2.0 gives up on reinstating the military’s gay ban

I swear on my glasses I’m smarter than I was last time around. The new and improved Rick Perry offered this razor-sharp analysis over the weekend when he was asked whether he would try to bring back “don’t ask, don’t tell” as president. “I have no rea [...]

The Philosopher’s Guide to Growing Up

Ageism is deeply ingrained in our culture. How often do we assume the older person in our office is incapable of using email—and probably inferior? That baby boomers have a certain value system?  Farrar, Straus and GirouxSusan Neiman fights the notion that growing older is a decline in &l [...]

Lunch Buffet

Sorry I was a little late with my last post, but I don’t wade into nineteenth-century waters with quite the self-confidence of my esteemed distant colleague Mr. Chait. Here are some contemporary news/views treats before I start frantically trying to assemble this week’s TPMCa [...]