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Donald Trump Is a Pathological Creep

This was in Politico yesterday: Top Donald Trump donors tried to set up a meeting between the GOP presidential nominee and Charles Koch in Colorado Springs on Friday, but Koch aides rejected the entreaties, according to two Republicans with knowledge of the outreach. ….“It is [...]

Noted climate change contrarian performs the Gish Gallop

We’ll be discussing the Gish Gallop more this coming Sunday as used by a certain GOP nominee for president—the namesake being Duane Gish, a Young Earth Creationist, who perfected the technique of whipping through a dozen or more confabulations in a few minutes that no debate opponent coul [...]

#TrumpSacrifices trends on twitter

From the annals of tweets you never wish you had sent, we bring you the tale of GOP Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake—not a Trump fan—who suddenly felt the urge to go to bat for Donnie Doom five days ago: x .@elizabethforma says @realDonaldTrump “Has never sacrificed anything for anyone.R [...]

Schlock and Awe: Trump Comes to Denver

Donald Trump came to Denver yesterday. His comments were all schlock, but 6,000 people, expecting to be awed, went to see him. USA Today has the story, but it has autoplay video so I won't link to it. Among his more absurd comments: He has… [[ This is a content summary only.  [...]

Six questions for Simran Sethi on slowly losing the foods we love, biodiversity, and consumption

Simran Sethi is a journalist and educator focused on food, sustainability and social change. Named the environmental “messenger” by Vanity Fair, a top 10 eco-hero of the planet by the U.K.’s Independent, and one of the top eight women saving the planet by Marie Claire, Simran is the autho [...]

Trump Smears Muslim Family Of Fallen U.S. Soldier

Trump lashes out. The post Trump Smears Muslim Family Of Fallen U.S. Soldier appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Trump Smears Muslim Family Of Fallen U.S. Soldier

Donald Trump is a Coward Afraid of Facing Mainstream Voters

Few people could accuse of Donald Trump of lacking bravado. Whether it’s insulting John McCain for being captured in Vietnam or claiming to have made sacrifices for his country on a par with the parents of soldiers who gave their lives in war, Donald Trump lives in world where his o [...]

Donald Trump Smears Dead Muslim Soldier’s Parents Over Their Convention Speech

In one of the most poignant speeches of the Democratic National Convention, the father of a Muslim soldier who died in Iraq condemned Donald Trump, saying the GOP nominee had “sacrificed nothing and no one.” Trump responded on Saturday by arguing that he, too, has made sacrifi [...]

This week at progressive state blogs: Pushing eco-justice in VA; 102-year-old AZ activist at DNC

This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a favorite state- or city-based blog you think I should be watching. Here is last Saturday [...]

Donald Trump insults parents of fallen soldier, says he’s made sacrifices too

Donald Trump is the scum of the earth. In his first response to a searing charge from bereaved Army father Khizr Khan that he’d “sacrificed nothing” for his country, Donald Trump claimed that he had in fact sacrificed by employing “thousands and thousands of people.” He also suggested th [...]

Trump responds to Khizr Khan with insults. Republican Party, this is your last jumping-off point

Donald Trump weighs in on the powerful testimony of Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son was killed by a car bomb while serving in Iraq. It was, as has become normal for the Republican candidate, repulsive. “If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probabl [...]

Donald Trump has spoken out about Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq who issued a devastating critique of Trump at th [...]

A couple of days ago I wrote about the minimum wage, and how it’s gone down over the years. How much has it gone down? Well, that dep [...]

Here’s the latest Pollster aggregate for the presidential race. Following the Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald [...]

Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic Campaign—Primary GOTV and Poll Watchers

Welcome back, Saturday Campaign D-I-Y’ers! For those who tune in, welcome to the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic Campaign. Each week, we discuss issues that help drive successful campaigns. If you’ve missed prior diaries, please visit our group or follow Nuts & Bolts Guide. For the m [...]

Post-Convention Polling Going Well for Clinton

Most of the post-Convention press has been good for Democrats as we move into the weekend: Gallup shows that Americans had a convention-record poor evaluation of Trump’s speech even as Clinton’s performed well. Not only liberal but even conservative pundits had high praise for [...]

Weekly address: Biden and federal judge blast Republican Senate for leaving SCOTUS vacancy open

x YouTube Video The sitting President shall—not may—but shall nominate someone to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, with the advice and consent of the Senate.  That includes consulting and voting. Vice President Joe Biden and federal Judge Timothy Lewis—“a retired federal judge who  [...]

Donald Trump is trying very hard to convert — though not exactly “woo,” strictly speaking — Bernie Sanders supporters. He [...]

Hillary Clinton, My Daughter and the Arc of Accomplishment

Go to Source : Hillary Clinton, My Daughter and the Arc of Accomplishment

5 Takeaways from the Democratic Convention

Go to Source : 5 Takeaways from the Democratic Convention