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Open thread for night owls. D.C. Johnson: The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens our liberty

At Common Dreams, David Cay Johnson, author of The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use “Plain English” to Rob You Blind, writes—The Trans-Pacific Partnership Threatens Our Liberty: I have been a longtime critic of the agreement, especially since WikiLeaksobtained a draft of its [...]

This week in Cop Criminality: ‘Face the music’ and ‘Hide and seek’

Arraignments have been set for a former Oklahoma police officer accused of sexually assaulting three women during traffic stops, and for the Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland last July, days before she allegedly committed suicide in her jail cell. Former Oklahoma Highway Patrol Offi [...]

Trump says Obama ‘goes to a mosque and apologizes’ while Americans are targeted by terrorists

FLORENCE, S.C. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was critical of President Obama’s visit to a Baltimore mosque during a Friday speech here in Florence, S.C., saying that the president “goes to a mosque and apologizes” as Americans are targeted by terrorists. “Where did  [...]

Let Us All Take a Random Walk Through New Hampshire

I’m feeling a little bored, and that means all of you have to listen to me regaling you with a bunch of random political tweets from my timeline. This is, truly, the best way of getting a real feel for the campaign trail from afar. First up is Donald Trump, who canceled an event tod [...]

A Long Primary Could Be a Good Thing

Kevin Drum doesn’t think diminishing Bernie Sanders as an ineffectual “community advocate” rates high on the “Atwater scale” of nasty politics. I suppose that’s true. If Stabenow accused Sanders of being responsible for rape, I think we’d all be a [...]

Jeb Bush is not pleased with all these swear words these days

As further evidence that the entire 2016 Republican presidential campaign may be an elaborate prank, I present, once again, Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush has a new complaint, and it is that there is too much swearing these days. He jokingly apologized to his mother for his own coarse language before [...]

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!

From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… Late Night Snark: Cacophony in Corn Country Edition “Ted Cruz’s [Iowa] victory last night raises a lot of questions, like one: can he keep this momentum going into New Hampshire? And two: just how much does it cost to move to Canada?” R [...]

Is Man-Made Noise Messing Up the Oceans?

We may imagine the bottom of the deep blue sea as a peaceful, quiet place—certainly compared with the blaring horns and chit-chattering radios of rush-hour traffic. But the ocean is filled with the sounds of undulating waves, marine animals calling out to one another, and, increasin [...]

Ron Paul warns Republicans not to vote for Ted Cruz

HOLLIS, N.H. — In a sign of just how tricky it is to court libertarian Republicans here, and how diffuse Ron Paul’s old supporters have become, the former Texas congressman took to Fox News Friday to criticize Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). “They think he’s for the fr [...]

Ben Carson: Ted Cruz’s response to ‘dirty trick’ is like Hillary Clinton after Benghazi

Ben Carson continued to question the ethics of Sen. Ted Cruz’s victory in the Iowa caucuses, accusing the Texas Republican of brushing aside actions his campaign took on election night, including leaving voicemails to precinct captains stating Carson was taking a “leave of [...]

Trump Off-Base on Cruz Loan Rates

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed that the loan rates Sen. Ted Cruz received during his 2012 Senate run were “lower than you could get, lower than anybody could get.” In fact, the evidence shows the interest rates Cruz reported were attainable at the time. [...]

That time Barbara Bush walked into a diner …

Former first lady Barbara Bush spent a second day in New Hampshire on Friday campaigning for her son, Jeb Bush, and displayed her signature wit along the way. She’s known as “The Silver Fox” or “The Enforcer” in the Bush Family and is famous for speaking  [...]

the WHITE HOUSEPresident Barack Obama Contact Us Get Email Updates Home Briefing Room From the [...]

The Clinton campaign’s pathetic fundraising emails

I got two emails from Team Hillary yesterday. The first: You’ve probably heard by now, but let me say it again… WE WON THE IOWA CAUCUS! Now take that enthusiasm and channel it, because we’ve got our work cut out for us: Bernie’s supporters chipped in $3 million within 2 [...]

We Need Agatha Christie in New Hampshire, Not Chris Christie

The Republican field is supposedly winnowing down after the Iowa caucuses, but it remains far too large heading into Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate and Tuesday’s primary. If we exclude Jim Gilmore, who’s stayed steady in the polls at zero percent, then there are still eight GOP can [...]

Hillary Clinton, 20 points down in N.H., says a long goodbye to the state that saved the Clintons twice

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Before Bernie Sanders showed up, New Hampshire was supposed to be the easier of the first two Democratic state presidential contests for Hillary Clinton to win. Now, 20 points back in the latest polls, Clinton is saying a long goodbye to the state that rescued Clint [...]

Should Hillary Clinton Be Basking in Henry Kissinger’s Praise?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives found themselves in the peculiar position Thursday night of having to defend the legacy of none other than Henry Kissinger, the 92-year-old former secretary of state whose past deeds many believe amount to war crimes, but whose exercise of American st [...]

Rick Santorum finally comes up with a reason to endorse Marco Rubio … sort of?

For those of you who missed it, professional Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was until recently running for president. Then he dropped out. Then he endorsed Marco Rubio, but like every other Serious Republican endorsing Marco Rubio he’s been having a bear of a time e [...]

New Hampshire polls are all over the place. Just like normal.

In a poll conducted by CNN and WMUR, Bernie Sanders maintains a strong lead in the upcoming New Hampshire primary — a nearly insurmountable 31 points. But, not so fast. In another poll released on Friday by the Boston Globe and Suffolk University, that gap has narrowed to only 9 [...]