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Open thread for night owls: Making the 2016 election work for families

Elaine Weiss at the Campaign for America’s Future writes—Can the 2016 Election be About Making it Work for American Families? Millions of parents in states across the country work jobs that provide no time off at all to take care of their new babies. It is hard to fathom how this l [...]

The Wrong Way to Stop Prostitution

Are sex workers who engage in prostitution criminals? Technically, yes: In most of the United States, prostitution is considered a crime, and workers who sell sexual services—even, in many states, <a href=" [...]

Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth

During the Six-Day War in 1967, Israeli warplanes and warships tried to sink the USS Liberty, killing 34 of the spy ship’s crew. Afterwards, U.S. and Israeli officials excused the attack as an unfortunate mistake and covered up evidence of willful murder. By Ray McGovern Israel’s chokeho [...]

U.S. women take the world cup!

Teammates bury Carli Lloyd in a hug after she scored one of her three goals within the first 15 minutes of play. The U.S. women’s soccer team won its third world cup Sunday, beating Japan 5-2. The U.S. women dominated, scoring four of their five goals in the first 16 minutes of pl [...]

Being a liberal in Texas is not all that bad

The Kingwood Area Democrats had secured a prime spot at the early voting location.There were balloons, coffee, donuts, and trinkets for kids. There was even some music. Throughout the day many people stopped by to get some coffee. In this seemingly dark red suburban town, many people who [...]

Access to Iranian sites continues to be a thorny issue and the Americans may be playing a dirty game in the media (photo:PressTV) By Gareth [...]

What’s Up Next for the Obama Administration?

As we await word on whether or not there will be an agreement with Iran about their nuclear weapons program, we’ve seen a burst of activity recently from the Obama administration on things like diplomatic relations with Cuba and a new overtime rule for workers. But what’s next [...]

The GOP’s latest ethnicity and inclusion challenge. His name is Donald Trump.

A few weeks after Republican presidential contenders struggled to find their footing on the Charleston shooting and then seemed to decide almost all at once that the era of public Confederate displays had reached its just end, candidate Donald Trump has become the latest in a series of ch [...]

Temporarily embarrassed millionaires

John Steinbeck “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” That quote reminds me of a guy I knew when I first got out of the Army. We both worked at a lumberyard: I worked the lumber  [...]

Initial Steps in Building a Feminist Foreign Policy

A few months ago I wrote about our need to work towards a more feminist foreign policy. At the time, I quoted this from an article by Jenny Nordberg about Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom. Wallstrom also cites a growing body of research showing that women’s security is dire [...]

Hillary Clinton offers some social-media reassurance to gay youth

In a gesture that fused her campaign’s aggressive social-media outreach to younger voters with her solidarity with gay rights movement, Hillary Rodham Clinton has offered reassurance and support to an apprehensive gay youth. “Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing, [...]

The legitimate, though unpopular, case for more politicians in Washington

President Obama giving the State of the Union in the House chamber. It is very difficult to call the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors a “representative body.” After all, LA County is home to roughly 10.4 million residents, and has just five county supervisors to repr [...]

It appears that the Greek referendum is headed toward a landslide No vote. With about half of the votes counted as I write this, the No vot [...]

I have to admit that no one on the right intrigues me more than Peggy Noonan. It might be because she is the most prominent female conserv [...]

On Bridgegate, Chris Christie sticks to old script

Someone, somewhere, perhaps Chris Christie himself, decided that the best way through the tangle of difficult issues that have become known as Bridgegate can’t involve evasion or avoidance. Of course, that’s probably also the most obvious path for the self-described straight-shooter from  [...]

Egypt Bans Reporters’ Use Of ISIS Terminology

Egypt's Foreign Ministry has issued a new style guide for media coverage of terrorism. It bans the use of the words “ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State.” It instructs reporters not to use any religious based terms when referring to terrorist groups,… [[ This is a content s [...]

Greeks vote to reject Eurozone bailouts conditioned on austerity measures

The polls closed in Greece (at noon EST) with various Greek television stations projecting “No” to be the winner. The referendum asks voters to approve (Yes) or to disapprove (No) of tough austerity measures that the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary F [...]

Screen capture of CNN newscast inviting all Americans to be very, very afraid for no good reason at all All throughout the week prior to  [...]

What do we do now that the fight for a living wage is achieving results?

You know where I’m going with this, right? We keep on fighting, that’s what. We’ve won some very important victories in the past few months, in particular on the minimum wage. We’ve won at the ballot box, where voters and/or legislators—including in a number of r [...]

Bernie, Hillary…and Joe

The story in the Democratic primary last week was all about Bernie-mania. Sanders drew a huge crowd in Denver and gained ground on Clinton in a poll in Iowa. On the former, Jonathan Topaz points out that it’s a good strategy for an insurgent. He’s running to win a movement as  [...]