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Revisiting Reconstruction

As I wrote about a while ago, there is a growing chorus of people who are suggesting that we are currently re-living many of the issues this country faced in the post-Civil War era of Reconstruction and Jim Crow. With his current editorial in the NYT, we can now add Columbia University hi [...]

‘Her Character Is Flawed’: GOP Dark Horse Slams Hillary Clinton, Promises to Root Out Pornographic Government Waste

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Former technology executive Carly Fiorina says she is more than 90 percent likely to seek the Republican presidential nomination — and she is not shying away from slinging barbs at the presumptive Democratic contender Hillary Rodham Clinton. On “Fox News S [...]

Andreas Lubitz, Tarasoff and the duty to warn

Troubling evidence has emerged that Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings copilot, may have been delusional and mentally unfit to work, much less fly a commercial jet carrying 144 passengers and a crew of 6, including himself. Reuters reports today, The co-pilot suspected of crashing a passen [...]

Body Found Three Days After New York Inferno

Three days after an apparent gas explosion in Manhattan’s East Village, one body has been recovered, the Associated Press reported. Unidentified body pulled from site of East Village explosion: — Josiah Daniel Ryan (@JosiahRyan [...]

When she steps into her new role as senior adviser to President Barack Obama, Shailagh Murray will become the latest in a long line of form [...]

Obama golfs in Florida with energy and business titans

PALM CITY, Fla. — President Obama escaped the persistent cold spell in Washington this weekend with a private golf retreat here in Florida, where his cadre of partners on the green included notable sports personalities and prominent business executives. The president arrived in Florida on [...]

Just how many elected officials are there in the United States? The answer is mind-blowing

These freshmen members of the 114th Congress are just the tip of the electoral iceberg At a recent company retreat, a colleague and I were nerding out (as is our wont) and debating a question: Just how many elected officials are there in the United States in total? It’s an easy qu [...]

‘Epic Selfie Shaming’: Seven Ladies Took Advantage of a Tragedy to Snap Photos. They Probably Never Expected to Wind Up on the Cover of the New York Post.

Now may be the time to retire your “selfie stick” — or at least learn when it’s tasteless to use it. The New York Post’s Sunday cover blasted a group of women who snapped a selfie in front of a developing tragedy in Manhattan’s East Village, giving the women  [...]

Why the backlash against Indiana and not other states with similar laws? Timing.

Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) can’t seem to figure out why his state has been the focus of condemnation and boycotts after having passed a version of “religious freedom” legislation that already exists in 19 other states. Pointing out those states, Pence told a reporter from  [...]

Saudi ambassador: Conflict in Yemen is not a proxy war with Iran

Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, on Sunday denied that the growing sectarian conflict in Yemen represents a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. “This is a war to protect the people of Yemen and defend its legitimate government from a group that is allied and [...]

One of Baseball’s Rising Stars Is Dead at 20

He had a promising future ahead of him, but after sustaining severe injuries in a boating incident last month, Seattle Mariners pitching prospect Victor Sanchez died in his home country of Venezuela, ESPN reported Sunday. He was 20 years old. “The Seattle Mariners are saddened to le [...]

White House hits back after Boehner’s criticism of Middle East stance

White House press secretary Josh Earnest defended President Obama’s Middle East policy on Sunday, saying the administration is working to achieve its goals with international partners and limited U.S. military involvement. Earnest spoke on ABC’s “This Week,” addressing recent comments fro [...]

‘Spray and Pray’: See the Story of One of the Greatest Submachine Guns the World Has Ever Known

It has been used by special forces and freedom fighters, but it’s also “the perfect choice for a drive-by shooting.” It has seen extensive real-world action and also boasts “a filmography that would make [Arnold] Schwarzenegger blush.” It’s the Uzi, one [...]

It’s so hard to be an Obamacare-hating Republican these days

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), perhaps seen contemplating whether to use an Affordable Care Act health plan. One of the more striking features of the contemporary conservative movement is the extent to which it has been moving toward epistemic closure. Reality i [...]

Black Tupalo With going on 60 years doing photography steadily, one would expect to encounter accidents of many kinds. Accidents borderin [...]

In 2007, He Backed Hillary Clinton. Now He’s Making Moves to Take Her Down.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Potential Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley said Sunday that the country needs fresh perspectives for confronting its problems and criticized the prospects of the Clinton and Bush families yet again seeking the White House. “The presidency of  [...]

Indiana governor proud of state’s ‘religious freedom’ law, which has been criticized as anti-gay

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) on Sunday defended the religious-freedom bill that he signed last week, saying the growing outrage over the legislation stems from “a tremendous amount of misinformation and misunderstanding.” Critics of the new law say it gives businesses a license to discrimi [...]

Gov. Pence Feels the Effects of Epistemic Closure

Back in 2010, Julian Sanchez did us all a favor by defining something he called “epistemic closure.” One of the more striking features of the contemporary conservative movement is the extent to which it has been moving toward epistemic closure. Reality is defined by a multimed [...]

Pence defends Indiana hate law, refuses to say—six times—that law won’t allow discrimination

“Yes or no, yes or no? That’s a tough question …” In the annals of damage control that did more harm than good, Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence has truly set the new standard. Appearing on today’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” to defend [...]

5 political stories to make your Sunday better

Happy Sunday! And, just in case you aren’t having a happy Sunday just yet, we’ve got the cure: 5 stories that will actually make you feel good — or at least better — about the world of politics.  Promise. Money back guarantee. Spot a story that made (or makes) your [...]

INDIANAPOLIS (TheBlaze/AP) — George Stephanopoulos didn’t waste any time when Indiana Gov. Mike Pence appeared on his show Sunday mor [...]

The US Has No Clean Battle Lines in the Middle East

From The Corner: The United States is sending mixed signals to its allies in the Middle East by simultaneously giving support to the Saudi-led Sunni coalition fighting in Yemen and negotiating with Shiite Iran on its nuclear program, according to NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard E [...]

O’Malley says presidency shouldn’t alternate between two families

Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley said Sunday that the presidency “is not some crown to be passed between two families,” sounding more resolute than ever about taking on Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination. O’Malley, who has been aggressively positioning himself as [...]

What presidents can do: the Supreme Court

A President Warren or a President Clinton would have power, but not as much as you think. In his piece You Can’t Make The Congress Do Anything, which reviewed the book “The Fierce Urgency of Now”, Scott Lemieux writes: We don’t have to speculate how effective LBJ’s lea [...]

Carly Fiorina ’90 percent’ likely to run for GOP presidential nomination

Carly Fiorina, a former Hewlett-Packard chief executive, said her chances of running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 are “very high.” Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” the 2010 California gubernatorial candidate said she is “90 percent” likely to enter the race, with an an [...]

‘We Suspect the Motives Behind It’: Major Web Company Is Canceling a $40 Million Headquarters Project Over Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Angie’s List, the multimillion-dollar Web company that aggregates consumer reviews of businesses, announced Saturday that it was nixing the construction of a planned $40 million headquarters in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Star reported. The reason: Indiana’s recently signed [...]

Watch ‘The Rock’ Obama throw John Boehner through a window

Confronted by Speaker John Boehner and Sens. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton in the Oval Office, President Obama got mad. Then he got even. The president, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the “Saturday Night Live” skit above, turned into “The Rock Obama”  [...]

Former intelligence official: Obama’s Middle East policy is ‘willful ignorance’

The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency on Sunday described President Obama’s Middle East policy as one of “willful ignorance,” saying the administration needs a clearer strategy for dealing with conflicts emerging across the region. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn sai [...]

The Lack of Consensus on GOP Foreign Policy

Over the last few elections, the centerpiece of Republican campaigns has been to blame President Obama and Democrats for the slow economic recovery from the great recession. But now that Americans are finally feeling the benefits of a stronger economy, that is going to be a tough sell. Fo [...]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the emerging agreement being negotiated over Iran’s nuclear program confirmed all of Israel’ [...]