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Rick Santorum just announced that he’s running for president

LOL. Go to Source : Rick Santorum just announced that he’s running for president

Is Jim Webb Still Running for President?

Amidst all the hub-bub over Bernie Sanders’ “launch” yesterday and Martin O’Malley’s announcement coming up on Saturday, it occurred to me that I had not heard anything about Jim Web for a good while. Then I saw this Jennifer Jacobs item at the Des Moines R [...]

Clinton Foundation donors included FIFA, Qatar host committee

Former President Bill Clinton served as the honorary chairman of the U.S. committee that worked unsuccessfully to win the right to host the 2022 World Cup. The surprise winner that year was Qatar–and it turns out that the Qatari committee now planning the massive event has been a ma [...]

Obama administration won’t seek emergency stay from Supreme Court on immigration injunction

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will not seek an emergency stay from the Supreme Court to immediately lift an injunction on President Obama’s deferred action program for undocumented immigrants. Instead, the Department of Justice will focus on an appeals court h [...]

Does HRC Need to Repudiate Welfare Reform?

In the endless game of defining where Hillary Clinton is on some ideological spectrum, one way some progressives have chosen is to lay out an ideal agenda–say, Bernie Sanders’ agenda–and test her against it. But another way is to look back at the things Bill Clinton di [...]

Lying About Recent History

In all the flurry of revisionist history from the GOP presidential candidates of late, its actually refreshing to see one of them speak the truth: ISIS is a creation of the Bush/Cheney administration and not Barack Obama’s loadstone. There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq before Bush toppled Sadda [...]

The Jindal vs Paul flame war heats up

Well, that escalated quickly. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and their respective campaigns launched one of the most aggressive media flame wars of the campaign season to date Wednesday, exchanging increasingly hostile statements over Paul’s position on  [...]

ExxonMobil says mankind has ‘enormous capacity to deal with adversity’ caused by climate change

'Gentlemen: To evil.' ExxonMobil has a plan to deal with climate change. The plan is they’re going to do whatever they want, and it sucks to be you. The CEO of one of the world’s largest oil companies downplayed the effects of climate change at his company’s annual meeti [...]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes new legislation that would criminalize whistleblower activity on national security By Nadia Prupis As public  [...]

‘Dark money’ is now in the dictionary. Here are 9 other political words that should be.

Merriam-Webster announced Tuesday that it is adding more than 1,700 new entries to its unabridged dictionary. “WTF,” “meme,” “emoji,” “clickbait,” and “photobomb” got the most attention, but also included was “dark money,&# [...]

Is this how Washington focuses on Latin America?

Just last month, President Obama was at the Summit of the Americas in Panama (also known as the “Barack Meets Raul” love fest) waxing on about how we’ve “deepened our engagement in the Americas,” citing huge trade increases and so on.Read full article >> Go to Source : Is this [...]

Anti-Hillary stunt backfires on Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina Carly Fiorina hoped to get some attention for her Republican presidential candidacy, which currently has her polling in the low single digits, by taking her relentless attacks on Hillary Clinton to a press conference outside a hotel where Clinton was holding an event. But  [...]

Protesters demonstrate in support of mandatory paid sick day policies ahead of a New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie fundraiser on Wednesday, M [...]

Rand Paul shows no sign of backing off NSA fight

Last week, Sen. Rand paul (R-Ky.) led a revolt against his Republican colleagues’ attempts to extend a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program. This week, he’s taking the revolt to the small screen — making a clear path to avoiding a June 1 lapse of t [...]

Rand Paul joins Leadership Institute, vows to free American colleges from ‘the clutches of the left’

It looks like Rand Paul’s campaign advisers have requested he dumb it down a few more notches, lest he be considered too highbrow for the sort of raving lunatics that tend to turn out to vote in the first Republican primaries. He’ll be attaching himself to the edjucation is s [...]

Where would you go if you wanted to smoke weed? Well you might start in Colorado or Washington, the two states where it’s legal to sm [...]

Scott Walker Says Mandatory Ultrasounds Are "Just a Cool Thing" for Women

After months of keeping a low profile for a man very likely running for president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is back in the headlines today with quite the outrageous quote. Walker, who was speaking in defense of a controversial abortion bill he signed into law that forces women seeking  [...]

Did This Acclaimed Sociologist Drive the Getaway Car in a Murder Plot?

Alice Goffman’s widely acclaimed On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City has drawn more positive attention than almost any sociology book in recent years. The success of the book led to a <a hr Go to Source : Did This Acclaimed Sociologist Drive the Getaway Car in a Murder Plot?

Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Applaud the EPA’s Clean Water Rule

WASHINGTON—Today, Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) Co-Chairs Reps. Raúl M. Grijalva… Go to Source : Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Applaud the EPA’s Clean Water Rule

Bobby Jindal Howls at the Moon

This would just be a random news item about an annoying politician if it were not quite possibly an example of the dynamic so many of us have been talking about the last few days of GOP presidential candidates grabbing every media opportunity available to get the kind of attention that mi [...]