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FactChecking the Sixth Democratic Debate

Summary One week after their last meeting, the Democratic presidential candidates debated in Milwaukee. We found: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said his bill on Social Security would extend the life of the trust funds by 58 years. It’s 40 years, according to the Social Security Admin [...]

Sanders wins on points, but doesn’t take any of Clinton’s turf

MILWAUKEE — The debate was in Wisconsin. The audience — the one that mattered — was in Nevada’s Clark County and South Carolina’s midlands. It didn’t need to work very hard to hear the sale. “We have a lot more social media; we have everybody with a cellphone,” said Hillary Clinton, t [...]

This is getting ridiculous. On Tuesday Donald Trump repeated his fatuous nonsense about the real unemployment rate being 42 percent. Then N [...]

Clinton to Sanders: You Are No Friend of Obama’s

Thursday night’s Democratic primary debate was among the most substantive and subdued of the cycle, and until the end, it was largely drawn from familiar material. But in the debate’s closing moments, Hillary Clinton sharpened one of her most promising—yet fraught—appeals to the Democrat [...]

The Top 10 Moments From the Clinton-Sanders Milwaukee Debate

Let’s dispel once and for all the notion that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders don’t know what they’re doing—they know exactly what they’re doing, and on Thursday night in Milwaukee, at the second Democratic presidential debate since the field narrowed to t [...]

Hillary Clinton Says Obama Took On Wall Street. The Facts Don’t Back Her Up.

Hillary Clinton praised President Obama for taking on Wall Street. But the numbers don’t indicate he actually did that. The post Hillary Clinton Says Obama Took On Wall Street. The Facts Don’t Back Her Up. appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Hillary Clinton Says Ob [...]

Fact checking the sixth Democratic debate

PBS aired the sixth Democratic presidential debate on Feb. 11, a post-New Hampshire showdown between former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.). Not every statement could be easily fact-checked, but here are 11 suspicious or interesting claims. As is our p [...]

Here’s roughly how the first hour of tonight’s debate went: Bernie: Free health care for everyone! Hillary: Let’s not ov [...]

Open thread for night owls: Supreme Court can’t stop climate change or deter activists

Rhea Suh writes—Our Climate Progress Will Not Be Stayed: The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked President Obama’s plan to fight global climate change by cleaning up our dirty power plants, pending the outcome of a court challenge led by the coal industry and some of the nation& [...]

It was a big debate night for the former secretary of state on Google (Henry Kissinger)

When Twitter’s data team sent around a look at which Democrat was being discussed more on the social network in the middle of the debate (Hillary Clinton, 50 percent; Bernie Sanders, 50%), I replied with a question: Was the overall volume of Twitter traffic down? After all, this [...]

WATCH: Clinton And Sanders Get Heated About Who Likes Obama More

The dispute could come into play for the next primary. The post WATCH: Clinton And Sanders Get Heated About Who Likes Obama More appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : WATCH: Clinton And Sanders Get Heated About Who Likes Obama More

Winners and losers from the 6th Democratic presidential debate

Forty eight hours after Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, the two Democratic candidates faced off in the sixth debate of the presidential primary season. I picked some of the best and the worst of the night that was. And make sure to check out our an [...]

The Democratic debate is over … what did you think?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have soldiered through another debate, in Sanders’ case fighting what sounds like a bad cold. What was your favorite moment from your preferred candidate and from your less-favored candidate? What was your least favorite moment from each? Go to Sourc [...]

Democratic Candidates Warn That Women’s Rights Are Under Attack Across The Country

“We need a leader on women’s issues.” The post Democratic Candidates Warn That Women’s Rights Are Under Attack Across The Country appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Democratic Candidates Warn That Women’s Rights Are Under Attack Across The Country

Bernie Sanders won 2,095 votes in the New Hampshire Republican primary

In the days before New Hampshire’s primaries, reporters encountered a curious phenomenon: Republicans or moderates who admitted a fondness for the Senate’s only self-proclaimed democratic socialist. Plenty of them crossed party lines to vote for him in the Democratic prima [...]

Milwaukee Debate Thread

Sorry everyone, I just found out there's a Democratic debate tonight. Here's a thread to discuss it. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Go to Source : Milwaukee Debate Thread

Transcript: The Democratic debate in Milwaukee, annotated

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are debating in Milwaukee tonight, their second one-on-one debate. It’s set to start at 9 p.m. The Fix team and other Washington Post reporters are using Genius annotations to explain what it all meant. To see an annotation, click or tap the hi [...]

Cruz ad: Trump has a ‘pattern of sleaze stretching back decades’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) released a campaign ad Thursday accusing Donald Trump of having a “pattern of sleaze going back decades.” The spot rips Trump for attempting to seize the property of an Atlantic City, N.J., woman who lived next to one of his casinos so he could creat [...]

Sanders debuts 4-minute ad featuring daughter of New York man who died in police chokehold

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Thursday released a four-minute advertisement featuring the oldest daughter of Eric Garner, whose death in New York in a police chokehold helped inspire the Black Lives Matter movement. The ad tells the story of Erica Garner’s li [...]

Our good friends at the Tax Policy Center have now analyzed—if that’s the right word—the tax plans of Donald Trump, Jeb B [...]