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No one cares about the old Clinton scandals any more

Once upon a time, back in the early 1990s, there was a thing called “Travelgate.” It was a relatively new use of the now-omnipresent “-gate” suffix (but still a stupid one). The essence of the scandal was that the then-first lady had demanded the firing of staff in [...]

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Fall into the Income Gap Edition

Nicholas Kristof reminds us that the structure of our economy is not an inevitable outcome. It’s a choice. The eruptions in Baltimore have been tied, in complex ways, to frustrations at American inequality, and a new measure of the economic gaps arrived earlier this year: It turns o [...]

Mayweather Beats Pacquiao: Unanimous Decision

All three judges scored Floyd Mayweather the victor over Manny Pacquaio. Scores: 118-110, 116-112, 116-112. After the fight: Was anyone rooting for Mayweather? [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Go to Source : Mayweath [...]

Sunday Talk: Scorching #HotTakes

Given that the Apocalypse is coming, we’ll probably never really know whether Freddie Gray got away with murdering himself and framing six of Baltimore’s finest in the process, as is suggested by a recent Washington Post article. For, to paraphrase Iraq War mastermin [...]

What Does England Want?

An interest in history, a nostalgic curiosity about the past, is often a consequence of present worries. Hence, perhaps, the recent rapid succession of historically focused events: the honoring of Richard III, the celebration of the Magna Carta, and the publication of the first ever detai [...]

Late Night FDL: Stand By Me

Stand By Me – Ben E. King R.I.P. Ben E. King…! R&B singer Ben E King has died at the age of 76. He’s best known for 1961 solo hit Stand By Me, which returned to popularity after use in a movie in 1986. Before that he’d enjoyed success as a member of the Drifters. Origin [...]

Open thread: Riots, roots and racists

What’s coming up on Sunday Kos … ‘Sir, are you injured anywhere?’ vs. ‘f*ck your breath’. Only one kind of approach provokes riots, by Ian Reifowitz Reclaiming secularism is the key to protecting religious liberty, by Jon Perr On “riots” an [...]

By Lauren McCauley A U.S. military strike on Friday targeting fighters with the Islamic State has killed 52 civilians, including 7 childre [...]

This week at progressive state blogs: Lynch and the power of black women, SD polygamists seek water

This week in progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a favorite state- or city-based blog you think I should be watching. Inclusion of a diary doe [...]

No, There’s No Comparison Between the Freddie Gray and Duke Lacrosse Cases

Shortly after the indictments dropped against the police officers allegedly responsible for killing Freddie Gray, a number of conservative blowhards from Sean Hannity to Alan Dershowitz have shared their outrage of the supposed injustice of it all. But the most hilarious case involves Mi [...]

This week in the war on workers: Death on the job

This week, in honor of Workers Memorial Day, the AFL-CIO released its Death on the Job report. Some facts: In 2013, 4,585 workers were killed on the job in the United States, and an estimated 50,000 died from occupational diseases, resulting in a loss of 150 workers each day from hazardo [...]

Keeping The Republic

“We can’t wait for some deus ex machina to save our republic. Our republic is ours to save. Or better, it is only ours if we save it.” By Alex Freeman Boston, MA (TFC) – In his 2012 book, Republic, Lost, Lawrence Lessig writes, “We can’t wait for some deus ex machina to save our republi [...]

House seeking to slash spending on Earth science

Hard to believe there were times when either political party regularly distinguished itself and alternately embarrassed the entire nation when it came to science. Or that for a few brief shining years in the early days of the Cold War, the US actually stressed science and technology. But  [...]

"Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here."

Here is a thing. .@FloydMayweather Good luck tonight Floyd. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 2, 2015 Here is another thing: Floyd Mayweather is a serial batterer of women. Have a nice day. Go to Source : "Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Here."

Spotlight on green news & views: Super El Niño forms, oil & gas drilling damage, wind power soars

Three tropical cyclones churned the waters around Australia on March 11, 2015, including Pam, one of the strongest storms ever in the region. See FishOutofWater’s post here Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don’t attract the attention they d [...]

View from the left—the scourge of inequality persists

While I scrambled to assemble posts this week about the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on same-sex marriage, I simultaneously watched pain flood the streets of Baltimore on my TV screen. The oral arguments for same-sex marriage were in large part a celebration for the LGBT equality movem [...]

Bernie Bashing

Well, you knew the corporate media’s coverage of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential run would be bad–but did anyone expect it to be this bad? Sanders plans a trip to New Hampshire this weekend and will have a more formal campaign launch in Vermont. The Washington news c [...]

Drone Strikes Aren’t Any More Immoral Than Manned Airstrikes

While I am a reliable and often radical progressive in most respects, I must admit that there are some shibboleths of the left that make me scratch my head. The most important of these is the insistence that we can somehow go back to the economy of the 1960s but without all the prejudice  [...]

I love the smell of capitalism burning in the morning Ray Schultz, the former police chief of the embattled Albuquerque Police Department that the DOJ is investigating, has been accused of improperly accepting perks and consulting work from Taser International in return for assisting the company to be awarded a lu [...]

Saturday Open Thread

Congratulations to Kate and William, the Dutchess and Duke of Cambridge, and a warm welcome to the newborn Princess of Cambridge. [More…] They are such a happy looking couple, here's one more: This is an open thread, all topics welcome. [[ This is a content summary only. Visi [...]