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View from the left: The anti-LGBT bills worth an extra round of scrutiny

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, social conservative lawmakers are passing a flurry of hateful bills targeting LGBT Americans and transgender students. West Virginia legislators want to ensure that “sincerely held” bigotry is perfectly legal. Kentucky is weighing “separate but equal” des [...]

Oh Great. A Climate Change Skeptic Is Moderating Tonight’s GOP Debate.

The presidential debates have been widely criticized for so far all but ignoring global warming. But Saturday’s Republican debate has the potential to be even more problematic. That’s because one of the moderators is an outspoken climate change skeptic. In addition to Face the [...]

Donald Trump: Pope Francis is ‘a very political person’

Donald Trump bashes the freakin’ pope. Sure, why not. “So I think that the pope is a very political person. I think that he doesn’t understand the problems our country has. I don’t think he understands the danger of the open border that we have with Mexico,” Trump said in a te [...]

Jim Gilmore and the presidential campaign that, quite literally, never was

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore ended his presidential campaign Friday, just before most White House-race watchers settled in for a three-day weekend. Gilmore dropped his not at all stunning campaign news around 4:30 p.m. on a Friday, the traditional window in which more closely  [...]

In Minnesota, where progressiveness and patience are virtues, Clinton and Sanders make their pitch

ST. PAUL, Minn. — “These teleprompters here are not mine,” joked Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). “I’m going to look past them.” The winner of the New Hampshire primary was looking out at Minnesota’s top Democratic activists, gathered for the fift [...]

The Department of Veterans affairs has a lot of catching up to do for women vets

Women can now serve in all military jobs, combat roles included, which means that more and more veterans are going to be female. Which means that the Department of Veterans Affairs and its medical system have an awful lot of work to do to prepare. By 2043, nearly 17 percent of veterans ar [...]

Donald Trump’s latest ad features father of teen killed by an illegal immigrant

TAMPA — Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad starts with the photo of an African American teenager in a football jersey, grinning for the camera and holding a football. “Jas Shaw was a 17-year-old football star who was gunned just outside his home,” a narrator says as the words “gu [...]

If you know how high CEO pay is, you’re in the minority

If Americans fully understood how bad economic inequality is in this country, would the reaction make CEOs and bankers look gratefully at Bernie Sanders’ moderate rhetoric? Because, boy, the average person really doesn’t know how much CEOs are making:  A survey of 1,200 individuals relea [...]

Obama pitches ‘politics of hope,’ voting rights in weekly address

x YouTube Video … when more of us vote, the less captive our politics will be to narrow interests – and the better our democracy will be for our children. Hey, America! Your president wants to have a word with you about how you do politics. He’s not happy, and he made that clear in th [...]

How to argue about automatic voter registration, as Oregon gets the ball rolling

Once again, Oregon is pioneering new ways to get people to vote. In 1998, Oregon was the first state to adopt voting by mail. In 2016, Oregon is first state to start automatically registering people to vote when they apply for or renew their drivers’ licenses. Almost a year ago, [...]

Is Bernie Sanders Promising ‘Free Stuff’ To Buy Votes?

Go to Source : Is Bernie Sanders Promising ‘Free Stuff’ To Buy Votes?

Dear Americans, Please Stop Dreaming of a Better Nation

Go to Source : Dear Americans, Please Stop Dreaming of a Better Nation

Local Lesson Learned: Citizen Engagement Matters

Go to Source : Local Lesson Learned: Citizen Engagement Matters

When Thoughtful People Think Illogically

Go to Source : When Thoughtful People Think Illogically

The South Carolina primary is Donald Trump’s to lose

The six remaining serious candidates for the Republican presidential nomination will gather in Greenville, South Carolina later Saturday for the first post-New Hampshire primary debate. The stakes for the debate, which comes one week before the South Carolina primary, are giant given  [...]

This week in the war on voting: White New Hampshirites discover what it’s like to be shut out

Welcome to the return of our war on voting series, a joint project of Meteor Blades and Joan McCarter. There’s nothing like the sense of entitled frustration expressed by “first in the nation” primary voters kept away from the polls by the decisions of lawmakers. “ [...]

The Left Needs to ‘Own’ Bernie Sanders to Ensure He Delivers on Campaign Promises

Go to Source : The Left Needs to ‘Own’ Bernie Sanders to Ensure He Delivers on Campaign Promises

Sanders and Trump Prove that Authenticity Works, and That Big Money and Corporate Media Aren’t As Powerful As Some Think

One of the most satisfying storylines of the 2016 election is the befuddlement of establishment intelligentsia at the powerlessness of the traditional tools used to win elections. Under the normal laws of politics, candidates must do obeisance before the gatekeepers of the press–be  [...]

Speech Transcripts: The Press Finds A New Hoop That Only Clinton Must Jump Through

Go to Source : Speech Transcripts: The Press Finds A New Hoop That Only Clinton Must Jump Through

Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?

Go to Source : Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?