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Carly Fiorina knocks Donald Trump for mocking reporter with disability

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on Sunday lambasted GOP rival Donald Trump for mocking a reporter with a congenital joint condition during a rally in South Carolina last week, saying the real estate mogul “only feels big when he’s trying to make everyone else look smal [...]

Jeb Bush: Trump is ‘uninformed’ and ‘preying on people’s fears’

Donald Trump is “uninformed” — but would be a better president than Hillary Clinton, according to GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush. Bush, knocked off the top of the Republican pack earlier this year by Trump, made the comments about the business mogul on Sunday on CBS&# [...]

The dangerous circular logic of Donald Trump

There was a remarkable — and telling — exchange Sunday morning between NBC’s Chuck Todd and Donald Trump over the Republican presidential frontrunner’s much-debunked claims about “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating in the immediate afte [...]

GOP candidates condemn Planned Parenthood shooting but dismiss link to antiabortion rhetoric

Several Republican presidential candidates on Sunday condemned the attack on a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs but stopped short of agreeing with liberal critics who say that fiery antiabortion rhetoric contributed to the shooting. “It’s obviously a tragedy. Nothing ju [...]

Some millionaires are fighting the good fight

Recently I interviewed Morris Pearl. Who is Morris Pearl? He’s the former managing director of BlackRock Inc. and chairman of the board of The Patriotic Millionaires. Previously, Pearl was a managing director at BlackRock, one of the largest investment firms in the world. He worked on the [...]

How a Jim Webb independent presidential bid could actually matter (hint: Virginia)

Former senator Jim Webb (Va.) never got any traction in the Democratic presidential primary. And by the end, his campaign was more of a punchline than a real factor — better known for Webb recalling a man he apparently killed in Vietnam than anything else. But if Webb proceeds with an [...]

We went to Howard—not Harvard

I graduated from Fordham University in NYC in 1991, close to 30 years behind schedule, (I graduated from high school in 1964) but when discussing my earlier college attendance in the ‘60s with a white friend, I mentioned having gone to Howard. “Harvard?” my friend queried. “No Howard,” I  [...]

The Paris Climate Change Talks Represent a Critical Moment for the World

For much of the past year, the U.N. climate talks in Paris were viewed as something of a global party. Finally, after years of failed negotiations, world leaders had some signs of progress they could point to that showed they were finally taking the issue of climate change seriously. Thou [...]

Laws of Physics

In a textbook example of actions borne of frustration leading to potentially negative consequences, climate activists in Washington state have, in effect, won and lost a case attempting to compel the state to take aggressive action to reduce carbon pollution. The odd outcome of this case  [...]

Racist Compassion: The Magical Pigmentation Protection Against "Terrorism"

Go to Source : Racist Compassion: The Magical Pigmentation Protection Against "Terrorism"

Another Big Step to a Major War

Go to Source : Another Big Step to a Major War

McRaven’s Delusional, Dangerous National Security Strategy

Go to Source : McRaven’s Delusional, Dangerous National Security Strategy

Top U.S. Officials Caved on Hiroshima as Well as H-bomb

Go to Source : Top U.S. Officials Caved on Hiroshima as Well as H-bomb

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Hot World, Hot War, and Hot Air Edition

This week, the punditry breaks into three broad topics: the upcoming climate conference in Paris, the war in Syria, and (you knew it was coming) Donald Trump. First, let’s look into the future of our planet and where we’re steering it. Curt Stager isn’t looking at a crystal ball, just th [...]


In just nine days, we will mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. I’m too young to remember the day Lennon was slain; I was only three years old the night Howard Cosell notified the world that a gunman had stolen the iconic Beatle’s life in New York Ci [...]

You’ve just filled your belly to the brim. Turn now to some new tomes that will help fill your mind: The Devil’s Chessboard By [...]

The image made the pages of newspapers around the globe: a young girl in brilliant green, arms outstretched, mouth open in a scream, surrou [...]

This Composer Wants You To Know Who Syrian Refugees Really Are

When Suad Bushnaq thinks of Syria, she thinks of the wonderful years she spent studying at one of the Middle East’s top conservatories, attending performances at the Damascus Opera House, and catching jazz gigs in back-alley cafes. She thinks of musakhan, shwarma, fresh-squeezed jui [...]

Twenty years ago, when the eco-home products company Seventh Generation was in its heyday, co-founder and then-CEO Jeffrey Hollender tradem [...]

An Educated Alienated Loner

Is anyone surprised that Robert Lewis Dear, Jr is described by those who came into occasional contact with him as a reclusive loner ? He lived in a dilapidated trailer off the beaten path. His only political activity reported so far consists of… [[ This is a content summary only. V [...]