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Hillary Clinton cites GOP quotes on equal-pay legislation out of context

“Now we could fix this [equal pay for men and women].  If Republicans would get on board, we in fact could fix this today but they won’t. One Republican candidate dismissed equal pay as ‘a bogus issue.’  Another said Congress was ‘wasting time’ worrying about it.  One even said that effor [...]

Boston Bombing News: Friends & Acquaintances

It was announced today that a sentencing hearing has been scheduled in the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now convicted on thirty charges in relation to the 2013 bombing of the Boston marathon and the events which followed. This hearing is to take place on Wednesday 24th June. The sentencing  [...]

Cruz: Universities that boycott Israel should lose federal funding

NEW YORK — Sen. Ted Cruz said Thursday that universities that boycott Israel should lose their federal funding. Cruz’s remarks were aimed at the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, which is gaining traction on college campuses. It calls for U.S. companies and uni [...]

Late Night FDL: Heartbreaker/ Ring of Fire

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo – Heartbreaker/ Ring of Fire As Rolling Stone wrote last week… Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo: ‘We’re Like Johnny and June’ On August 1st, 1981, Pat Benatar strutted her way onto MTV, the upstart video channel that would change the [...]

Open thread for night owls: Too many of the people in Washington do not rep those who elected them

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2014—Texas legislature gives 1.5 million poor residents the finger: It’s not enough just to refuse federal health care funds to expand Medicaid. Not in Texas. The legislature there has passed a bill prohibiting the state from t [...]

Martin O’Malley Shouldn’t Be Mad at Bernie Sanders—and Shouldn’t Attack Clinton, Either

Martin O’Malley has checked enough boxes as a prominent Democrat—big city mayor, mostly successful governor, chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association—that he probably didn’t expect to be trailing in presidential polls to a Vermont senator who serves as an indepe [...]

Obama to meet with Lynch following FIFA arrests

 President Obama will meet Friday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch following a blockbuster indictment of nine officials from FIFA, international soccer’s powerful governing body.  The arrests Wednesday brought Lynch worldwide… Go to Source : Obama to meet with Lynch following FIFA arrests

"Doors Have Been Locked. Papers Have Been Shredded": We Asked a FIFA Expert About the Scandal

On Friday, as FIFA continues to deal with the corruption-related indictments that have rattled international soccer, president Sepp Blatter will find out whether he will earn a fifth term as the head of the sport’s governing body. Blatter’s opponent, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein  [...]

Putin’s Scared

There’s a very simple reason why Vladimir Putin is attacking the United States’ arrest and extradition of senior FIFA officials yesterday from Switzerland over charges of corruption, bribery, and money manipulation: because Putin is running a criminal enterprise that paid to g [...]

Thursday Open Thread: Aspen Bound

I'm off to NORML's annual Aspen legal conference. My talk this year: “Getting High With Someone Who Dies: Defending Drug Users Charged With Complicity and Enhanced Penalties in Drug Overdose Cases.” Here's the entire agenda, it's a… [[ This is a conte [...]

Beyoncé’s "Single Ladies" Music Video Set to the DuckTales Theme Song Is Amazing

This is so perfect. I love it so much. I love Beyoncé and I love the DuckTales and I love whoever made this video and I love America and I love the internet and I love George Washington for founding this wonderful country. Go to Source : Beyoncé’s "Single Ladies" M [...]

USPS contract talks stall; federal unions have little to say on pot policy

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is proud of its pledge to deliver mail through all kinds of tough stuff. But it looks like one of its hardest jobs is getting through contract talks. Negotiations with one of its largest labor organizations, the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), stalled  [...]

The Obamacare "Fix" That Would Makes Things Worse

It’s generally understood that Ron Johnson’s Obamacare “fix” legislation is veto-bait, containing as it does provisions (the repeal of the individual and employer mandates, and also of a minimum benefit pacckage) that are integral to the Affordable Care Act. But i [...]

Hillary Clinton is Finally Showing Her Hand on Climate Change

Hillary Clinton has done little more than promise to take climate change seriously in her presidential campaign, communicated mostly through assurances from her adviser, John Podesta, that “she will move forward wit Go to Source : Hillary Clinton is Finally Showing Her Hand on Climate Change

Clinton campaign still doesn’t have supporter e-mail lists from Obama or booster group

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Six weeks after entering the presidential contest, Hillary Rodham Clinton still cannot raise money using up-to-date Democratic e-mail lists compiled by outside support groups, senior campaign officials said Thursday. Despite the assumption that Clinton could quickly [...]

Why Dennis Hastert got indicted by the feds

On Thursday afternoon, a stunning bit of political news broke: Former House speaker Dennis Hastert had been indicted by the federal government on charges that he lied to the FBI and tried to mask cash transactions made from various banks. The case is fascinating and a bit complicated, so  [...]

Chris Christie finalizes his slow-motion flip-flop on Common Core

After months of hinting at an about-face, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is officially forswearing Common Core, a controversial set of K-12 academic standards he welcomed into the state five years ago. Christie finalized his slow-motion flip-flop on the issue Thursday, aligning himself wi [...]

Dennis Hastert Was Just Indicted on Federal Charges. Read the Full Indictment.

Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been indicted for illegally transferring funds to dodge the IRS and lying to the FBI, reports John Stanton at BuzzFeed. Read the full indictment below: Hastert Indictment (PDF) Hastert Indictment (Text) Go to Source : Dennis Hastert  [...]

Ted Cruz requests a correction from the liberal media: He is actually on level 357 of Candy Crush

.@thedailybeast's article contains a factual error… I’m actually on level 357 in Candy Crush — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) May 28, 2015 Ted Cruz is not only a U.S. senator and presidential candidate; he’s also a gamer. He tweeted [...]