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Time spent in Guantánamo is time no one gets back

Go to Source : Time spent in Guantánamo is time no one gets back

Bankers, Preachers, and Fear of President Sanders

Go to Source : Bankers, Preachers, and Fear of President Sanders

The top 7 issues in the Republicans’ New Hampshire debate

After Iowa helped trim the Republican field a bit, most of the remaining candidates — save, apparently, Carly Fiorina — will appear onstage Saturday night in an ABC News debate in New Hampshire, where they’ll try to win over voters ahead of the state’s Tuesday  [...]

Why Bernie Sanders Needs to Talk About Voting Rights

No debate can get to every topic that matters to every voter. But now that we have had five Democratic primary debates—which are now being held on weeknights, imagine that—it’s worth noting that we have yet to hear Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seriously discuss two core liberal issu [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Leftward Shift on Climate

In July, the climate grassroots group 350 Action asked Hillary Clinton at a campaign stop in New Hampshire for her position on banning fossil fuel development on public lands. Clinton gave what she deemed a “responsible answer” that she wouldn’t accept a ban until we get “the alternatives [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Saturday’s GOP Debate

The eighth Republican debate will take place on Saturday, February 6, in Manchester, New Hampshire. The event starts at 8 p.m. EST and will be hosted by ABC News, with World News Tonight anchor David Muir and chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz moderating. Follow the action  [...]

Will Marco Rubio Finally Be Tested?

Before the Iowa caucuses, the questions facing Republican Party elites were straightforward but existential: Could the divided field of establishment-backed candidates consolidate in time to stop Donald Trump and Ted Cruz? And, if so, would the consolidation be tidy enough to vault a [...]

Rubio Brings Hard Line On Immigration To A Region Trying To Welcome Immigrants

Kate Bruchacova and Susan Laverack with the New Hampshire Partnership for Public Health told ThinkProgress they’re worried anti-immigrant rhetoric from Rubio and other Republican candidates could pose a serious setback. The post Rubio Brings Hard Line On Immigration To A Region Try [...]

Why can’t Hillary Clinton find a good answer on Goldman Sachs? Maybe there isn’t one.

Stop a random person on the street, ask them to describe Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem as a candidate, and a list that is almost certain to include the following will emerge. Her emails Her husband and/or the content of her many defenses thereof The millions in speaking fees [...]

Voters in New Hampshire Are Asking John Kasich About Ohio’s Poisoned Water

John Kasich’s town halls are different than anyone else’s in New Hampshire, and the first person who will tell you that is John Kasich. “White Stripes at a Republican town meeting!” he said, after taking the floor to “Seven Nation Army” Friday even [...]

The very few times Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders disagreed in the Senate

For all of their comments about having been colleagues in the Senate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spent about as little time there together as is possible. Clinton was first elected in 2000, leaving at the beginning of 2009 when she was appointed secretary of state. Sanders won [...]

January: as the Bundy militia was being coddled, US police were still killing people for marijuana

Go to Source : January: as the Bundy militia was being coddled, US police were still killing people for marijuana

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Forget about winter weather as primary season heats up.

K. Sabeel Rahman on what the economic fight in the Democratic party is about (Warning: even handed): Clinton takes a managerialist view of how government works, embracing the idea that, with sufficient expertise, government can fine-tune the economy to prevent crises. Sanders, by contras [...]

Everybody Hates Chris

The late right-wing Boston talk radio host David Brudnoy had a nasty term–“incompetent competence”–that he would use to describe progressive African-American op-ed columnists who were, according to him, only in their positions because of affirmative action. After v [...]

For New Hampshire voters, there’s a certain kind of flinty pride that comes with helping to set the tone of the presidential election [...]

In media coverage of Chelsea Clinton, the kid gloves are still on

Politico’s Jack Shafer wrote Friday that it is “time for Chelsea Clinton’s easy ride to end.” The former — and perhaps future — first daughter turns 36 this month, is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation and a board member of IAC, and is active in her mother’s White House campaign. Sh [...]

Fresh off his Iowa win, Ted Cruz adjusts for New Hampshire

HENNIKER, N.H. — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) spoke at a college on a rainy morning here and briefly played professor, weaving a regional history lesson into his pitch to New Hampshire voters. “New England,” Cruz said, hearkening back to colonial times, “was meant to [...]

the WHITE HOUSEPresident Barack Obama Contact Us Get Email Updates Home Briefing Room From the [...]

The campaign poster is typically more science than art. The final product, after rigorous vetting by focus groups and campaign bureaucrats, [...]

Unlike many of his peers at Marvel, Black Panther screenwriter Joe Robert Cole didn’t grow up a comic-book superfan, but he did have  [...]