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Post-Modern Bigots, Defending Their "Culture"

You may have heard that a Ku Klux Klan group plans to hold a rally at the South Carolina Statehouse next month protesting the likely ejection of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds. Here’s a brief account from WaPo’s Abby Phillip: The self-proclaimed largest Ku Klux  [...]

The sad reality of how we feel about mass shootings, in 3 charts

In the wake of the killings of nine black churchgoers earlier this month, the political conversation quickly centered on the racism that apparently spurred the shooter. And while we’ve seen a remarkable turnaround in attitudes toward the Confederate flag, there has been very little  [...]

After employee hack, the White House has failed to report on its own cyber defenses, senators say

With the Chinese hack of employee records underscoring weaknesses in federal computer security, two senior GOP senators say the White House has failed to tell Congress what it’s doing to protect its own networks from intruders. In a letter to President Obama, Sens. John Thune (R-S.D [...]

On this day in history, Congress killed some time by making ‘burlesque motions’

On June 30, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an omnibus public buildings bill that had an accidental extra $3 million in appropriations for a new federal building. So lawmakers had to stay in Washington to fix it. The delayed end to the 59th Congress’s first session lasted  [...]

How to Improve Obamacare

The Supreme Court’s decision in King v. Burwell last week preserved the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies for all enrollees, and Chief Justice John Roberts’s vehement dismissal of the plaintiffs’ arguments Go to Source : How to Improve Obamacare

Why I can’t count out Chris Christie just yet

This post is from April. We are re-posting it in light of Christie’s presidential announcement Tuesday. If you are paying any attention to politics, you know this: Chris Christie isn’t exactly the hot and buzzy candidate of the 2016 presidential field at the moment. He’s [...]

7 things that prove D.C. politics is a lot like high school

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) and Karl Rove are involved in a he-said-he-said fight that would rival any pimple-faced teenage drama. The GOP presidential candidate and former George W. Bush adviser are arguing back and forth about a $1,000 campaign donation to Cruz’s brief state attorney  [...]

Christie for President: Ecce Homo!

As Chris Christie announces a presidential candidacy nobody much wants today, there’s a fascinating assessment of his chances by Michael Barbaro of the New York Times that methodically goes through all the reasons he cannot win but then lets his flacks make this amazing argument: At [...]

Justice Department: Ferguson police response violated protesters’ rights, was all kinds of bad

Police response to protests in Ferguson was about as bad as you thought it was, a forthcoming Justice Department document reportedly says. “Vague and arbitrary” orders to keep protesters moving “violated citizens’ right to assembly and free speech, as determined by a U.S. federal court i [...]

President Obama on Patriotism and Faith

For over seven years now, Republicans have fueled the racism of their base by claiming that our first African American president was neither patriotic nor Christian. On the other hand, a group of what some call “blackademics” have claimed that he isn’t “black enoug [...]

It’s hard to overstate Chris Christie’s unpopularity problem

A lot of the time when we talk about candidates for office, we use similar words that tend to run together. Hillary Clinton’s favorability is slipping, and she is now “under water,” for example (i.e. higher unfavorable rating than favorable rating). The same can be said  [...]

Chris Christie, a faded Republican star, launches presidential campaign

Watch live: Chris Christie announces White House run This story has been updated. LIVINGSTON, N.J. — Chris Christie, a onetime rising Republican star whose political stock fell sharply after a traffic scandal involving former aides and appointees, told supporters Tuesday that he is  [...]

At the Lorraine Motel, Nearly a Half Century After the Assassination of Martin Luther King

Go to Source : At the Lorraine Motel, Nearly a Half Century After the Assassination of Martin Luther King

Welcome to the Machine, President Sanders

Go to Source : Welcome to the Machine, President Sanders

Athens Agonistes: Troika Extremists Write New Greek Tragedy

Go to Source : Athens Agonistes: Troika Extremists Write New Greek Tragedy

Confronting Southern ‘Victimhood’

Go to Source : Confronting Southern ‘Victimhood’

The Christie File

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to officially announce his presidential candidacy this morning, joining an already crowded field vying for the Republican nomination. Christie has enjoyed high national visibility for years due to speculation about a run for the presidency and his rece [...]

New Overtime Rules a Big Middle Class Economic Initiative

If indeed Democrats intend to go into the 2016 cycle championing middle class economic interests, the Obama administration today will give them one important plank on which to stand. The Labor Department’s long-awaited new rules for overtime pay will reclassify as many as five mill [...]