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Ron Wyden has another warning for us about another secret government opinion on surveillance

For the past few years Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has been asking appropriate officials about yet another Bush-era secret Justice Department opinion relating to surveillance on American citizens that was not authorized by the law and is likely still in effect. Long before the Snowden document [...]

Bobby Jindal takes Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood because of something they don’t even do

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) must be trying a last-ditch stunt to move the polls enough to make the cutoff to be on the big boy stage in Thursday’s presidential primary debate. He was the first governor, and candidate out of the gate to demand an investigation of Planned Parenthood, a [...]

Mockingbird, Inc.

When it was announced in February that a “newly discovered” Harper Lee novel was soon to be published, there followed the expected gale of media giddiness, the widespread convulsions of joy, a gyrating and ejaculating all across the web. Pulling up alongside the jubilant ones were the jud [...]

Jeb Bush’s quick turnabout on women’s health funding, and what it tells us

If nothing else, it’s a testament to the power of social media. Late Monday, Congress made moves toward defunding Planned Parenthood. Senate Democrats (and one Republican) blocked the move. The measure is effectively dead — for now. But the total damage wrought by a series [...]

Ignoring the polls, GOP sees no risk in Planned Parenthood shutdown fight

On Capitol Hill, the question could be heard in every scrum. What would come next, if the bill to cut funds to Planned Parenthood failed? Would Republicans allow the government to shut down? Would they? Would they? To a man, Republicans laughed it off. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) told repo [...]

Chuck Todd: Trump candidacy ‘not fair’ to ‘strongest’ Republican field in 36 years

Chuck Todd is unhappy with Donald Trump’s Republican candidacy. He is making the other candidates feel bad. He is not playing by everyone else’s rules. Has he even “earned” the right to run? This is the problem with Trump. He doesn’t play by a set of rules.  [...]

Day’s End and Night Watch

Don’t know why Fox News didn’t meet it own deadline for announcing the August 6 debate participants, unless they’re waiting for me to finish blogging for the day. Here are some remains of the day: * Jebbie commits another fine gaffe: “I’m not sure we need a h [...]

A Federal Judge Just Struck Down Idaho’s Law Against Secretly Videotaping Animal Abuse on Farms

Captured by undercover investigators and released in 2012, the above video depicts a disturbing scene inside a large Idaho dairy facility. We see workers committing various acts of violence against cows: kicking and punching them, beating them with rods, twisting their tails, and, most g [...]

A Federal Judge Just Struck Down Idaho’s Ag Gag Law, Calling It Unconstitutional

Captured by undercover investigators and released in 2012, the above video depicts a disturbing scene inside a large Idaho dairy facility. We see workers committing various acts of violence against cows: kicking and punching them, beating them with rods, twisting their tails, and, most g [...]

Perry out, Kasich in: Fox News announces the participants in Thursday night’s debate

Fox News put months of speculation to rest Tuesday evening, announcing the final lineup for Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate. The network announced that it planned to limit participation in the primetime showdown to the top 10 performers in the five most-recent na [...]

Cartoon: Glaciers

Because a cartoonist must eat: Patreon! Go to Source : Cartoon: Glaciers

Three Senate Democrats came off of the fence to support the Iran deal

Three Senate Democrats announced Tuesday that they will vote to support the Iran nuclear deal when it comes before Congress next month, lending momentum to President Obama’s push to convince the undecided — most of whom are his fellow Democrats. The decisions of Tim Kaine  [...]

Jeb Bush: "I’m Not Sure We Need Half a Billion Dollars" for Women’s Health

When he was governor of Florida, Jeb Bush vetoed state funding for Planned Parenthood. He thinks the next president should do the same—at the federal level. That’s what Bush said Tuesday at the Send North America conference, one of America’s largest evangelical gatherin [...]

Obama Will Make Some News Thursday, Too

As I write this post, political junkies are awaiting the official word on the list of candidates who will appear in Thursday’s first official Republican presidential debate. But in an example of questionable timing by Fox News, Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights A [...]

Russell Moore’s Move Away From Christian Nationalism

Like a lot of long-time observers of conservative evangelicals, I’ve been a bit skeptical of the image of Russell Moore–the public affairs spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention who succeeded the Christian Right warhorse Richard Land a couple of years ago–as a new [...]

Why an Indie Press in Brooklyn Is Publishing the Pope

In the last year, Melville House has accomplished two lightning-speed publishing projects: in December of 2014, the small press rushed out copies of the Senate Torture Report in just 19 days; today is the release of their edition of the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. By publishing s [...]

Dreaming about Debates

Ed Kilgore tells us about his night: Ugh, dreamed about the Voters First Presidential Forum a good part of the night. ‘Twas even more boring the third time around. Oh lordy. I wonder if I dream about stuff like this? Probably. So even though it would frustrate Freud, I think it [...]

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said at the Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday that he wasn’t sure if the government should be spend [...]

Trump Adds a Touch of Class to the Anti-Planned Parenthood Mob

In a radio interview yesterday with conservative host Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump took the unusual step of agreeing with other Republican presidential candidates. He said that it would be better for the federal government to shut down than to continue funding Planned Parenthood. “The  [...]