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John Kasich’s big day in New Hampshire, explained

Ohio Gov. John Kasich won the much-coveted second place slot in New Hampshire’s Republican primary Tuesday, with 16 percent of the vote — trailing Donald Trump’s winning 35 percent but having a relatively big breakthrough for a candidate who hasn’t made much impact so far. [...]

John Kasich’s positive campaign got a thumbs-up in New Hampshire [Video]

In a crowded Republican presidential field, finishing second in the New Hampshire primary gave life to John Kasich’s campaign on Tuesday. The Ohio governor had a miserable time in Iowa, where he won less than 2 percent of the vote and took just one of the 30 delegates up for gra [...]

Hillary Clinton just lost women to Bernie Sanders. But don’t blame Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem.

Perhaps the Clinton campaign’s internal polling had, by this weekend, made it clear just how poorly Clinton was doing among New Hampshire women. Maybe that triggered some kind of distress signal broadcast to Clinton’s high-profile female supporters and surrogates. Maybe th [...]

George W. Bush stars in new radio ad for Jeb Bush

The worst-kept secret among those tracking Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign is that former president George W. Bush is about to take on a much more prominent role. Few details of what the 43rd president will do exactly are yet known, but he is expected to campaign with his young [...]

the WHITE HOUSEPresident Barack Obama Contact Us Get Email Updates Home Briefing Room From the [...]

How many 2008 campaign veterans still work for Obama? You’d be surprised.

As President Obama heads to Springfield, Ill., Wednesday to mark the ninth-anniversary of his first White House bid, it raises a question: how many men and women involved in that campaign are still working for him? The short answer: more than you might think. At least 60 aides current [...]

Limits sought on paid time off for federal employees facing discipline

A Senate committee is set to act today on one of the few federal employee issues where there is bipartisan agreement: that too many agencies put too many employees on paid time off for too long beyond their regular leave time. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Comm [...]

After a difficult start to her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, with a narrow win in Iowa and a bad loss to Bernie Sand [...]

Jacob Blickenstaff Making something real of an often-appropriated and mythologized musical style like soul or R&B is no easy task, bu [...]

Cage-free eggs, once a niche product for ethically minded (and well-off) shoppers, are suddenly a hot commodity with an unlikely customer:  [...]

John Kasich, the media’s favorite Republican, gets his moment in the sun

John Kasich’s apparent second-place finish in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire breathes new life into his campaign and transforms the Ohio governor from an afterthought into a real factor in the GOP nominating process — or, so you’re about to hear from the me [...]

Did the robot debate doom Marco Rubio in New Hampshire?

Once polls closed on Tuesday night and it became obvious that Marco Rubio would not receive the blessing of the voters of New Hampshire, the Florida senator spoke to a group of enthusiastic supporters — and offered an unusual mea culpa. “I know many people are disappointed [...]

Here’s what you need to know after the New Hampshire primary

What happened in New Hampshire? Businessman Donald Trump won the state’s Republican primary — by a landslide. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a relatively moderate candidate, came in second place for the GOP. Sen. Bernie Sanders won on the Democratic side, while former secretary of state [...]

Hillary Clinton sounded a lot like Bernie Sanders after losing to Bernie Sanders

After getting blown away in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton in her address to supporters sounded a bit like the candidate who trounced her. Sure, there were the usual talking points — equal pay for women, her readiness for “all parts of the job,” and her [...]

Democrats’ claims that a Koch-backed group wants to ‘privatize’ the VA

“This is another part of the Koch brothers agenda. They’ve actually formed an organization to try to begin to convince Americans we should no longer have guaranteed health care, specialized care for our veterans. I will fight that as hard as I can. I think there’s where we [...]

The transcript of Bernie Sanders’s victory speech

Below is the complete transcript of Bernie Sanders’s victory speech following his win of the New Hampshire Democratic primary. SPEAKER: SEN. BERNARD SANDERS, I-VT., DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SANDERS: Thank you. Thank you, New Hampshire. (APPLAUSE) Shortly after the polls [...]

Quote of the Evening: America Currently Suffering Worst Economic Catastrophe in Recorded History

I know Trump has said this before, so technically it’s hardly new. Still, I mean, it’s…it’s…oh hell: I am going to be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. Remember that. Don’t believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 percent and 5 pe [...]

Meet The Voters Who Handed Donald Trump A New Hampshire Victory

“We don’t need to play nicey-nice.” The post Meet The Voters Who Handed Donald Trump A New Hampshire Victory appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Meet The Voters Who Handed Donald Trump A New Hampshire Victory