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One of the most notable things about congressional action to restrict the display of Confederate flags at Department of Veterans Affa [...]

How Love Works

Labor of Love begins with its then 26-year-old author, Moira Weigel, walking the High Line with an older man who is breaking her heart. She adores him, and he adores her attention, as well as that of his ex-girlfriend. He seems content to keep both of them around for as long as they’ll to [...]

Republican leaders avoided another explosion over gay rights on the House floor Monday when they stripped language from a VA bill tha [...]

On a Loneliness That Resembles Happiness

Alisa Z., advertising manager,35 years old I went to St. Petersburg to get a different story but came back with this one. I’d struck up a conversation on the train . . . A friend of mine killed herself . . . She was a strong and successful woman. Tons of friends and admirers. We were al [...]

House Democrats plan to make the case Tuesday that impeaching the IRS chief is a waste of time and would require a full-blown investi [...]

Virginia Republicans have followed through on their threat to sue Gov. Terry McAuliffe over his April 22 decision to restore the voting rig [...]

The Obama years have been a boom time for America’s weapons makers. Since 2009, the United States has approved arms deals worth some  [...]

Senate aims to boost buyout offers to Defense Department employees

The Defense Department could dangle a much larger cash carrot before its employees to induce them to resign or retire, under a budget bill up for Senate voting this week. The bill would grant the Pentagon’s request to increase the maximum “voluntary separation incentive payment” — more co [...]

Want to Save the World? Try Using Cold Hard Cash.

One afternoon in the spring of 2008, two graduate students, Michael Faye and Rohit Wanchoo, met with a Harvard Business School professor in an office in Cambridge. They had a simple idea for a charity: Instead of giving poor people food or cattle or loans to start a business, why not simp [...]

HANOI — President Obama urged Vietnam on human rights matters Tuesday while hailing its warming relations with the United States, [...]

HANOI — President Obama hailed the warming relations between the United States and Vietnam on Tuesday, calling their evolution fr [...]

“Nobody in this country was worse than Bill Clinton with women. He was a disaster. He was disaster.” — Donald Trump, remarks during a [...]

Report: Most Sunscreens Are Bad, But These 7 Brands Are the Worst

Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off to summer, when our calendars fill up with beach days and we begin the obligatory slopping on of sunscreen. Whether you’re putting it on yourself or someone else, the importance of sunscreen has been drilled into most of us from an early  [...]

Open thread for night owls. Isaacs: ‘Fighting for an Alternative to Big Banks’

Katherine Isaacs at writes—Fighting for an Alternative to Big Banks: […] For many, traditional banks are out of reach geographically. Bank deserts exist in both rural and urban areas. One reason is that banks are abandoning low-income communities. Since 2008, 93 perc [...]

Who holds the title of being the worst leader in history?

In an election year where significant segments of the population seem dissatisfied with the status quo, there is talk of revolutions and making things great again, and fears of fascism and authoritarianism are running rampant, the most important qualities which people look for in choosing [...]

NASA is no danger of being overcharged for Russian rocket engines

Between a missing commuter jet, shots fired near the White House, and the inexhaustible stink of campaign shenanigans left and right, it would be easy to miss a critical debate affecting everything from NASA to national security. But that is exactly what is unfolding in Washington. At iss [...]

Conservatives Win Pyrrhic Victory in Facebook War

Facebook has caved in to conservative demands that it revamp its Trending Topics feed. Brian Fung describes how the algorithm works: To be considered for a place in the Trending Topics portion of the site, a topic must generally be mentioned 80 times per hour or more. Facebook takes step [...]

Game of Thrones recap 6.5—’The Door’

Timing is everything. It’s what turns a joke from a groan to a grin. It’s what makes drama … dramatic. Tension lives in the moment that’s held out just long enough, and dies when it’s held a moment too long. It’s sort of important. Handling a multi-viewpoint storyline adds an extra twist  [...]

The event, which requires a $10,000 donation, is being hosted by Kevin R. Daniels, the owner of a funeral services company and promin [...]