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Hillary Clinton’s Barack Obama problem

There’s a nugget buried deep within the new NBC-Wall Street Journal national poll that speaks to the challenge for Hillary Clinton as she tries to follow President Obama into office next November. Just 30 percent of people polled said that the next president “should take a [...]

9 times politicians have shared a little too much about their sex lives

Chris Christie uses birth control  — and not the rhythm method. That’s the cringe-worthy revelation the New Jersey governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate made at a town hall Tuesday morning. Christie’s certainly not the first politician to share a little TMI ab [...]

Lunch Buffet

Ugh, dreamed about the Voters First Presidential Forum a good part of the night. ‘Twas even more boring the third time around. Here are some wide-awake midday news/views treats: * Trump leaps onto the “shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood bandwagon, which wi [...]

The importance of context in 2016 polling, in five charts

Given the deluge of polls that we’ve seen come out over the past two days, it’s taken a bit of time for us to be able to dive down into what’s been released. Doing so offers a few good examples of why individual poll numbers are best considered in light of longer ter [...]

What’s the source of Donald Trump’s appeal?1 Responding to one of David Brooks’ periodic psychoanalysis sessions of the A [...]

O’Malley says a Biden presidential bid would be good for the Democratic Party

COLUMBIA, S.C. — One might think that the last thing Martin O’Malley needs is another Democratic alternative to Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. The former Maryland governor is already running in the shadow of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who’s emerged as the leading non-Clin [...]

Startup in a Day: Four Things You Should Know

Today, as part of White House Demo Day, we’re excited to announce the 25 cities and two Native American communities who won the Small Business Administration (SBA) Startup in a Day competition launched in June. The prizes of $50,000 each will help these communities streamline the li [...]

This is the only 2016 fundraising chart you will ever need

It’s easy to get lost amid the flurry of fundraising numbers that the 20+ presidential candidates — and all of their myriad affiliated groups — have released over the past two weeks.  It’s all just a bunch — ok, a lot lot — of zeroes at this point.  [...]

Like Most Catholics, Chris Christie Uses Birth Control

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie revealed himself to be among the large majority of Catholics who use birth control, despite the fact that the Catholic hierarchy officially opposes artificial contraception, at a New Hampshire town hall meeting on Tuesday. The New Jersey governor  [...]

Once Again, Don’t Believe the "Skyrocketing Premiums" Hype

At the New York Times today, the venerable health policy writer Robert Pear does a good job of casting new light over the maneuvering between insurance companies and federal and state regulators over next year’s Obamacare insurance policy premiums. Insurers in many states are asking [...]

Bernie Sanders warns of impending oligarcy, will introduce campaign finance reform legislation

In a year when the Koch brothers alone have promised to spend nearly $900 million to buy a government and Super PACs own just about every single Republican candidate for president, Bernie Sanders wants to make campaign finance central to the campaign. In a Thursday floor speech, he outl [...]

Kerry, down to one crutch, hits the road again

Secretary of State John Kerry, traveling for the first time with only one crutch instead of two, is off on a 20,000-plus mile trip this week to Egypt, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It’s his first multi-stop voyage since that May 31 “Tour de Curb” mishap nea [...]

How Planned Parenthood actually uses its federal funding

The long-running calls for the federal government to cease all funding directed toward Planned Parenthood have once again come to the fore. This time, a Congressional vote and debate took shape after an anti-abortion group secretly recorded a series of videos with the organizationR [...]

Donald Trump’s Top Iowa Staffer Made This Amazing Infomercial for Bedazzler

With the first Republican presidential debate two days away, Donald Trump is leading his nearest competitor in the national polls by as much as 12 points. In Iowa, the Real Clear Politics poll average puts him in second behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but in the most recent poll of th [...]

Congressional Republicans backing down from big Social Security disability fight

Sen. Sherrod Brown, leading the Social Security fight. On day one of this session in Congress, House Republicans attacked Social Security, passing a rule for themselves that they could not allow a shift of funds from the Social Security retirement pot to the disability pot unless they t [...]

Phil Hoad of the Guardian laments the rise of impenetrable plots in action movies, and suggests that it’s a recent phenomenon. I disa [...]

The Debate Cut’s About to Be Official

It won’t be official until 5:00 PM EDT today, but a last salvo of the kind of polls Fox has indicated will determine its top ten debate roster have come in today (Bloomberg, CBS News, and Fox News itself), and it’s semi-unanimous: the debaters on Thursday night will be Trump,  [...]

GET THAT LOOK: Donald Trump steps out in Scotland

Captain of industry and president-in-waiting Donald John Trump, Jr. was photographed at the Trump Turnberry golf course in Scotland last week, nattily attired in “Trump”-festooned gear. As a service, here’s where you can Get That Look™. The hat: There is only one pla [...]

Cruz super PAC launches seven-figure, nationwide ad campaign

A super PAC supporting the presidential campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.)  launched television ads Tuesday, the start of a seven-figure, nationwide ad blitz for the candidate. One of four super PACs supporting Cruz will spend millions this year on television, digital and radio ads bo [...]

Jim Webb’s Iowa director really doesn’t like Hillary Clinton

Since launching his presidential campaign a month ago, former Virginia senator Jim Webb has been lying low. While he’s in Iowa and New Hampshire for three events this week, he’s not been a consistent presence on the campaign trail. And he has yet to take a combative stance [...]