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Sanders blows past $6 million fundraising goal for the 24 hours following N.H. win

NEW YORK — Winning the New Hampshire primary proved to be a pretty lucrative proposition for Bernie Sanders. Within 24 hours of the polls closing, aides said Sanders had raised more than $6 million and was pushing supporters to chip in another $1 million by midnight — havi [...]

Obamacare continues to succeed, proving Republicans laughably wrong

The final open enrollment numbers for Obamacare this year are “so-so” in the words of Charles Gaba, but about what the administration had predicted last fall: 12.7 million. But within those respectable but not amazing numbers are some significant gains for a number of states.  [...]

Cleveland Wants Tamir Rice’s Family to Pay $500 for Their Child’s Last Ambulance Ride

Less than two months after a grand jury decided not to indict the Cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice, the city has filed a claim saying the boy owed $500 “for emergency medical services rendered as the decedent’s last dying expense.” In r [...]

Did the Trump campaign break campaign laws by coordinating with Trump’s nonprofit foundation?

If we still had any pretense of enforcing election laws in this country, this could end up being a problem for Trump. On Friday, Liberty House executive director Keith Howard received a call from a Trump campaign staffer, who conveyed that Trump would like to publicly present them with a  [...]

Rubio state campaign chair defends tackling Robot Rubio protester, claiming he was ‘violent’

You have probably seen the photos of the Marco Rubio “robot” protesters that met Rubio at one of his New Hampshire events. You have probably also seen the photos of Rubio campaign staff knocking one down and manhandling another. “I just felt his hands and arms around my neck,” [...]

Perhaps if climate change looked like this, there would be fewer deniers and delayers. See Lenny Flank’s photo diary on the Cocohatchee P [...]

The Justice Department Just Sued Ferguson for "Routine Violation" of Residents’ Civil Rights

The US Justice Department has sued the city of Ferguson, Missouri, following months of “painstaking negotiations” with local officials and more than a year of investigating their alleged discriminatory and unconstitutional practices. The Justice Department launched its investi [...]

Clinton’s Surrogates Are Banking on the Gun Issue to Win Over Black Voters

After her sound defeat in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, former Sen. Hillary Clinton is looking ahead to the primary in South Carolina, where she hopes her record and rhetoric on gun control will impress black voters and propel her to victory over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. In  [...]

Trump Wildly Inflates Unemployment

Donald Trump said he “heard” the unemployment rate was really 42 percent. It’s not. That figure would include retirees, teenagers, stay-at-home parents and anyone else who doesn’t need or want to work. The unemployment rate is actually 4.9 percent for January. If T [...]

Heading south, Cruz reboots his argument against Trump

In the final days of his New Hampshire campaign, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) never mentioned the man who was likely to beat him. He would discuss the evils of eminent domain, but not mention the mogul who’d actually used it. He would warn voters not to vote for false or squishy Repu [...]

The Supreme Court Just Did Serious Damage to the Fight Against Climate Change

The Supreme Court dealt a blow to President Barack Obama’s climate agenda Tuesday evening by putting his flagship greenhouse gas emissions rules on hold. In a 5-4 ruling, the justices granted the stay in response to a lawsuits by coal companies and two dozen coal-reliant states. The [...]

Ta-Nehisi Coates is voting Sanders. How big of a problem is this for Clinton?

With New Hampshire in the rearview mirror, Hillary Clinton is looking ahead to South Carolina, Nevada and other states where support from African American voters will be crucial if she wants to clinch the Democratic nomination. Then came this: Influential Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coa [...]

Coming Soon: The Bush-Kasich Death Match

So far, the Republican presidential contest has been like a Quentin Tarantino film in which the main characters end up in a circular firing squad or a multi-sided Mexican stand-off and don’t know whom to target—or from which direction an attack might come. Donald Trump has rot [...]

The ill-timed and unremarkable presidential campaign of Chris Christie

From the beginning of his presidential campaign, Chris Christie told voters as often and as forcefully as possible that he — unlike Marco Rubio, unlike Ted Cruz, unlike Donald Trump, unlike Carly Fiorina and unlike Ben Carson — was a governor. He knew how to make tough and [...]

4 of the 7 people who have led the Republican presidential race are no longer in it

Back in late 2013, around the time that he was reelected as governor of New Jersey, very, very early polling for the Republican presidential field in 2016 suggested that Chris Christie was the guy to beat. There weren’t many polls, but if you averaged them out, Christie beat Ran [...]

Texas AG Ken Paxton faces ethics investigation for telling clerks to defy same-sex marriage ruling

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton can add an ethics investigation to the growing list of potential ways he has violated the law (including three felony charges, of course). The State Bar of Texas had originally declined to explore a complaint from “hundreds” of state attorneys that Paxton [...]

Kasich Set To Sign Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood

The results would be disastrous for women. The post Kasich Set To Sign Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Kasich Set To Sign Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood

Obama: Nation threatened by poisonous political climate

President Obama on Wednesday returned to Springfield, Ill. — where he launched his first White House campaign nine years ago — to call for the unity and civility in politics that has eluded his presidency. Obama’s speech to the… Go to Source : Obama: Nation threatened by poisonous p [...]

Is Ferguson’s city council trying to get around a proposed consent decree for its police department?

The city council in Ferguson, Missouri, voted unanimously on Tuesday, February 8 to accept a consent decree negotiated with the Department of Justice regarding its policing and court practices .  Well … kind of. Sort of.  The city council added seven amendments to the DOJ’s consent decree [...]

John Kasich gave a remarkable and moving speech after the New Hampshire primary

Chances are you didn’t see John Kasich’s speech after he finished second in the New Hampshire Republican primary on Tuesday night. The Ohio governor took the stage after brighter lights like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had already spoken. But, if you d [...]