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Photo: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Toni Morrison is no stranger to historical fiction. Her last novel, Home, whisked readers into the shoe [...]

Carly Fiorina’s claim that California’s drought is a ‘man-made’ disaster

“While California is clearly experiencing another drought, the extreme water shortages are an ongoing and man-made human tragedy — one that has been brought on by overzealous liberal environmentalists who continue to devalue the lives and livelihoods of California residents in [...]

Late Night FDL: It’s All Going To Pot

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard – It’s All Going to Pot Keeping it real on 4/20… In their new song, “It’s All Going to Pot,” Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson team up for a #420-friendly anthem befitting the latter’s legendary love of the leaf. The track comes from Django a [...]

Open thread for night owls. Baker: Maybe people don’t want policies that rig the deck for the rich

Not new. But still relevant. Dean Baker in his “Beat the Press” blog at the Center for Economic and Policy Research writes NYT Misses Story on Redistribution: Maybe People Don’t Want Government Policies that Rig the Deck for the Rich: Neil Irwin had an interesting Upsh [...]

‘Ex Machina’ asks why do all the smart robots end up wanting to kill us?

Alicia Vikander as Ava in Alex Garland’s ‘Ex Machina’ It’s a tale as old as dirt. Man plays God and creates life in our own vision. Some see the creation as tools to do with as we please, while others empathize and have feelings for the new creation. But sooner o [...]

Beijing’s Air: Now Slightly Less Deadly

Finally, there might be some good news for people inhaling Beijing’s famously filthy air: It’s getting a bit cleaner, according to a new analysis released by Greenpeace today. Pollution levels in the Chinese capital have shown significant improvements, due in part to strict ne [...]

Martinez Sutton, outside the courthouse in Chicago (Photo by MinkuMedia) The family of twenty-two year-old Rekia Boyd, who was shot and k [...]

All Apologies

The strange thing about memory is the way in which certain moments can be lost to you for years, even decades, until something or someone reminds you of them, and you feel their sudden presence with a stupid, piercing longing. Stupid because those moments seem too minor, not to mention to [...]

Gods and Profits

Capitalism is a system braced by stories. Consider the rise of the liberal individual, a kind of atomistic personhood, distinct from all other persons. It seems the whole Enlightenment had a hand in creating this particular view of man—yet the concept was unknown to the people of the medieval and

The Bot Bubble

Every morning, Kim Casipong strolls past barbed wire, six dogs, and a watchman in order to get to her job in a pink apartment building decorated with ornate stonework in Lapu-Lapu City. The building towers above the slums surrounding it—houses made of scrap wood with muddy goat pens in place of ya

Scott Walker’s Monday: A semi-endorsement, paired with an ‘Olympics-quality flip-flop’

This post has been updated. If you have to have one good thing and one bad thing happen to your not-yet-official presidential campaign, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) Monday was, on net, not that terrible. The New York Times reported Monday evening that Walker had earned the endo [...]

Scott Walker’s Monday: A big endorsement, paired with an ‘Olympics-quality flip-flop’

If you have to have one good thing and one bad thing happen to your not-yet-official presidential campaign, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) Monday was, on net, not that terrible. The New York Times reported Monday evening that Walker had earned the endorsement of the Koch brothers [...]

Well, I’m here at City of Hope. On Tuesday at 7 am the final round of chemotherapy begins. I’m staying in a little studio apart [...]

Top Christie ally defects to Bush

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tries for a political revival with New Hampshire town halls and Iowa diner stops, he won’t have one of his longtime friends and political advisers at his side. New Jersey state Sen. Joseph M. Kyrillos, who chaired Christie’s 2009 gubernatorial campaign an [...]

President Barack Obama says that 2014 was “the planet’s warmest year on record.” But that’s not entirely accurate. Several major clim [...]

Freddie Gray should be alive today

Freddie Gray, 25, should be alive today, but he isn’t. He died on Sunday morning from a broken neck that he sustained during an encounter with Baltimore police a week earlier. The Guardian reports, Gray, 25, died on Sunday morning, a week after he was chased and arrested by officer [...]

Ben Affleck Was Wrong, But Henry Louis Gates Made It Worse

You might say Anderson Cooper had the proper reaction when he was informed that one of his ancestors held slaves, and had in fact been killed by one of them with a farm hoe. After a “wow” and a “whoa,” the CNN anchor told host Henry Louis “Skip” Gates on a <a href="

Watching The Gulf With Alarm

Despite my initial optimism about the first-stage outline between Iran and the P-5 over Tehran’s nuclear program, I’ve now reconciled myself to the reality that things are about to get bad, and perhaps really bad in the region. First, even though the Corker legislation from last we [...]

Rubio to keynote GOP dinner bearing the Bush name

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) will be the keynote speaker at a Republican dinner in Connecticut named for the grandfather of one of his likely rivals for the Republican presidential nomination: Jeb Bush. Rubio will headline the Prescott Bush Awards Dinner in Stamford, Conn., the state GOP ann [...]