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Anybody Can Grow Up To Be Speaker of the House!

I suppose it’s as good a time as any to recall that under the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Speaker does not have to be a Member. And so, you get this entirely non-humorous tweet from a Washington Examiner reporter: .@newtgingrich says he'd consider interim s [...]

The Republican House Today Was More Melodramatic Than High School

No one knows how crazy the House Republican caucus is right now better than House Republicans. When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told them he was dro Go to Source : The Republican House Today Was More Melodramatic Than High School

Cruz Misquotes Clapper on Refugees

Ted Cruz misrepresented the words of the U.S. national intelligence director, claiming that James Clapper “said among those [Syrian] refugees are no doubt a significant number of ISIS terrorists.” Clapper didn’t say that. Instead, Clapper said it was a “huge concer [...]

The Long, Strange History of ABC Family

I didn’t want to love ABC Family’s The Fosters. I tried to resist the show, which centers on an interracial lesbian couple, Stef Foster and Lena Adams, and their multiracial family of five kids, some of whom are foster children. (Get it?) But I couldn’t: It’s too g Go to Source : The Long [...]

Today we are happy to announce a monumental legal victory for Mother Jones: A judge in Idaho has ruled in our favor on all claims in a defa [...]

Chaos, chaos, and chaos. Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the speaker’s race has caused disarray—that is, greater di [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Reform Plan Is to the Right of Bernie Sanders’

The rise of Bernie Sanders as a policy force among liberals has forced Hillary Clinton to lurch left this presidential primary season, from opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Keystone XL pipeline to calling for a repeal of the “Cadillac tax” on high-cost health care plans. Now [...]

Gerrymandering made the House ungovernable. Here’s how we fix it

Kevin McCarthy and John Boehner—once masters of chaos, now its victims It’s been an amazing two weeks. The forces of conservative nihilism pushed House Speaker John Boehner into an unexpected early retirement, and there’s a good chance they also played a role in Kevin McCar [...]

Let These Awesome Transgender Kids Show You What Their Lives Are Really Like

Despite the strides made by the transgender community in recent years, the lives of transgender people remain largely out of sight, even taboo, for most people. With all the misinformation, and often hateful noise, still present in society over the issue, one British documentary series is [...]

Paging Paul Ryan! Mr. Ryan, please pick up the Boehner panic phone

GOP savior? Rep. Paul Ryan has been pretty quick and pretty adamant to squelch any talk about him running for Speaker of the House, since Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy threw the House into mayhem by pulling out of the running. Even McCarthy told National Review on Thursday, “I persona [...]

Chaos and Bedlam In Coverage of Chaos and Bedlam in House!

Now and then Politico–which I’ll say again as I’ve said before serves an important function in our system so long as they don’t overthink what they are doing–becomes kind of a parody of itself, and that’s what’s happening this afternoon as the sit [...]

Say It Is So Or Ain’t So, Joe!

Greg Sargent has rather emphatically joined my campaign to convince the vice president to put an end to the weird and destructive speculation about his presidential plans–or the lack thereof–as soon as possible: Mr. Vice President, enough is enough. The first Democratic presid [...]

The Not-So-Great Moments of One of the Guys Still Running for Speaker

When Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suddenly dropped out of the running for House Speaker Thursday, it wasn’t immediately clear who was the odds-on pick to succeed outgoing House Speaker John Boehner. But there were two contenders who remained in the race: Reps. Jason Chaffetz  [...]

California Is About To Stop People From Pumping So Many Drugs Into Meat

After decades of ignoring a deadly problem, the Food and Drug Administration finally came out with rules restricting the meat industry’s heavy reliance on antibiotics back in 2012. But the new regime had two major flaws: 1) it was voluntary, relying on the benevolence of two industr [...]

3 other times picking a speaker got chaotic

At one point, a fight about who would lead the House of Representatives was so contentious that lawmakers carried knives and pistols to protect themselves in case things got out of hand. Kinda makes Thursday’s drama seem pale by comparison, no? But drama is exactly what Washingt [...]

The Pharma Jerk We All Hated Last Month Still Hasn’t Dropped the Price of That Drug

Two weeks ago, Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli promised to drop the price of Daraprim, a parasite-fighting drug, after raising it from $13.50 a tablet to $750 a tablet. But so far the price tag hasn’t budged. Shkreli, a former hedge fund manager who acquired Turing in Augu [...]

Kevin McCarthy isn’t going to be House speaker. So, who is?

Kevin McCarthy isn’t going to be speaker. So, who is? The honest answer is no one knows. McCarthy was widely expected to emerge from Thursday’s internal GOP gathering as the speaker-in-waiting — pending, of course, a trickier House floor vote later this month. With M [...]

Ben Carson Links Gun Control to Hitler’s Rise

As he defends a string of controversial comments he made in the wake of last week’s mass shooting in Oregon, Ben Carson just keeps one-upping himself. Appearing on CNN on Thursday afternoon, Carson was questioned by Wolf Blitzer on a claim in his recent book, A More Perfect Union, i [...]

Who could possibly become, or want to become, House Speaker?

With the House of Representatives now in utter chaos with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s withdrawal from the speaker race, the big question is who could possibly get the position. Here’s some of the serious, not-so-serious, and could-they-really-be-serious? speculation. The [...]

Oops. Putin’s Cruise Missiles Still Need a Little Work.

I guess Vladimir Putin’s cruise missiles aren’t quite as awesome as he thought: Cruise missiles fired by Russia from warships in the Caspian Sea at targets in Syria crashed in a rural area of Iran, senior United States officials said on Thursday. Bummer, dude. Can we now hav [...]