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Open thread for night owls: Paris climate talks begin in a few hours. Here’s what you should know

Tim McDonnell at Mother Jones gives us a heads-up on the Paris climate talks, which begin Monday: On Monday, roughly 40,000 heads of state, diplomats, scientists, activists, policy experts, and journalists will descend on an airport in the northern Paris suburbs for the biggest meeting o [...]

Climate Change Protesters Take to the Streets, Despite Canceled Paris March

The biggest event set to occur during the 2015 Paris climate conference was supposed to be a march of some 200,000 people. Climate change activists had hoped that such a public show of support the day before the formal talks begin would be impossible for world leaders to ignore, and  [...]

Another barrier to Democratic down-ballot majorities: Are Democratic voters more ‘bipartisan’?

A week ago, we explored the historically precarious position the Democratic Party is currently in as it relates to the balance of power in the 99 state legislative chambers. At present, the Democrats control just 31 of those 99 chambers, and have exclusive control of just eleven state leg [...]

How to Invent Our Way Out of Climate Change

How the 2016 Presidential Candidates View Climate Change

How the Environmental Movement Has Changed

On April 22, 1970, 20 million people joined rallies across the United States to celebrate the first Earth Day. One-hundred thousand people in New York City joined in what The New York Times called “an ecological carnival,” swarms overtook the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and schools [...]

Yes She Can

There is good reason to be skeptical about Hillary Clinton and race. It’s never been anything explicit, necessarily, but she has sinned in the realm of signification, the place where innuendo and plausible deniability live. Let us start with her first presidential campaign in 2008, and t [...]

Following the attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic on Colorado, we are having the usual spats over what kind of political speech is and  [...]

Despite Huckabee’s denials, creators of GOP anti-abortion claims have strong ties to terrorism

Mike Huckabee has been conspicuously aflutter in his declaration that the terrorist attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs does not represent the true “pro-life” movement. “What he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abominable, especial [...]

This is fascism, and we should say it clearly … while we can

Sixty million people died in World War II, but fascism won. It didn’t win on the battlefield. It didn’t win right away. It won because the same fears, the same greed, the same hatred that fueled its growth in the first part of the twentieth century never went away. The symbols of fascism  [...]

Amid backlash, some black clergy defend, deny that they will endorse or meet with Trump

An announcement by Donald Trump’s campaign that he would be endorsed Monday by several black evangelicals has set off a holy war of words on social media between some of the clergy members and critics who noted that the billionaire businessman had only days ago defended the beating of [...]

Clinton clinches Boston mayor’s endorsement and fires up labor troops

To unionized workers, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is one of their own. And so his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday at a rally in his city’s historic Faneuil Hall served as a call to action for union members nationwide who are the foot soldiers of [...]

‘At long last, have you no decency, Mr. Trump?’ Rubio, Cruz and Jeb aren’t brave enough to ask that.

Is Donald Trump more destructive than Senator Joseph McCarthy? On the one hand, Trump doesn’t yet wield actual power. From his perch in the Senate, McCarthy destroyed hundreds of lives in the early 1950s through his Red Scare witch hunt, along with his lesser known anti-gay crusade, and t [...]

A Prayer for Paris

This is our moment Here at the crossroads of time We hope our children Carry our dreams down the line They are the vintage What kind of life will they live? Is this a curse or a blessing that we give? Sometimes I wonder Why are we so blind to fate? Without compassion, there can be no [...]

Planned Parenthood singles out Republicans for ‘hateful rhetoric’ that incited Colorado attack

As Republican politicians furiously deny that their own words helped sow the seeds of Friday’s mass shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, Planned Parenthood is having none of it. In a press release, Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Fed [...]

A red, white and blue zone for Muslims in America

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 and wounded hundreds more, there is little doubt that the U.S., France, the UK and other American allies will step up their strikes on Daesh targets in Syria and Iraq. Beyond that, the questions about what the coalition should—and [...]

The Fatal Nature of Garbage Dumps

On the outskirts of Phnom Penh once stood a smoldering testament to mankind’s assault on the Earth. Stung Meanchey was the largest waste disposal site in Cambodia, the size of 76 football fields. Scavengers sifted through 900 tons of new waste delivered each day, amid bursts of noxio [...]

White House eyes better pay for top civil servants

The Obama administration is preparing an executive order designed to bolster the government’s Senior Executive Service (SES) with increased compensation, a streamlined hiring process and greater diversity in assignments. Its 7,000-plus members are top level civil servants whose leader [...]

The hidden social costs of violent videos

It goes—almost without saying—that the role of news and analysis outlets is to share vital information as it becomes necessary to the story and the news. This duty, although curtailed by ethics and limited resources, generally supersedes most other duties. However, shifting media landscap [...]

Ben Carson calls for increased aid to Jordan after recent visit to refugee camps there

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson — fresh from a recent visit to two Syrian refugee camps in Jordan — called Sunday for the United States and its international allies to focus on supporting existing facilities that shelter those who have fled the Syrian civil war. “We’ [...]