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Open thread for night owls: Park Service will phase out bottled water even if Congress won’t help

The National Park Service’s announcement that they’ll be phasing out sales of bottled water in some parks and replacing them with reusable bottles and refilling stations was met with outrage by, and this is a real thing, the powerful bottled water industry. It’s true t [...]

Hillary Needs to Hit Jeb Harder

Yes, Hillary preemptively kneecapped Jeb Bush today in a speech before the National Urban League, before Bush himself took the stage to give his whitewashed speech. And yes, Jeb’s boys were seething afterward. Good. But until Hillary reminds black audiences that it was Jeb who si [...]

Boston escapes a close brush with (shudder) hosting the Olympics

Greece probably wishes it could get back the $15 billion it spent on its summer Olympics. Instead it is stuck with myriad abandoned venues like this canoe and kayak slalom center. Phew! Deep skepticism here about whether taxpayers would be stuck footing the bill for the Olympics has doo [...]

Scott Walker: Constitutional amendment on gay marriage is not a top priority

RED OAK, Iowa. — Scott Walker still supports amending the U.S. Constitution to allow states to ban gay marriage, but he said on Friday afternoon that making such a change would be difficult and not the best use of a president’s influence. “To me, I think the most app [...]

Hillary Clinton releases eight years of tax returns

This story has been updated. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton released eight years of tax returns late Friday showing that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid $43,885,310 in federal taxes during that period, with an effective federal tax rate [...]

My goodness, Hillary Clinton, don’t upset the press just because they peddled lies about you

Seriously, I’d be more worried if a candidate didn’t respond. Really now? Who convinced @HillaryClinton to pick a fight with @nytimes (and by extension all of us)? PR malpractice.… — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) July 31, 2015 I realize that the most conve [...]

Republicans compete to register toughest Planned Parenthood attack

TINLEY PARK, Ill. — Some of them closed their eyes as Mike Huckabee talked. Some of them winced; some clasped their hands to their chests. They were anti-abortion activists, gathered for a daylong conference on “Why All Lives Matter,” listening to the former governor [...]

In the early moments of the uprising in Baltimore after police killed Freddie Gray, Baltimore city officials monitored social media. The of [...]

Cartoon: G.O.P. stunts for the spotlight

Click to enlarge. The election is still very far away, and Donald Trump is sucking up all the media oxygen from every other candidate. He’s also leading the Republican field in the polls, which is hilarious. Claims that Trump is more extreme than his peers are untrue [...]

Why did a Ted Cruz super PAC give $500,000 to Carly Fiorina’s?

A super PAC supporting former tech executive Carly Fiorina’s run reported raising $3.5 million — with a half-million dollar lift from a super PAC supporting GOP presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). The pro-Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise I, reported the disbursement Frida [...]

Even Trump Must Bow To Iowa Traditions

You may have heard yesterday that Donald Trump was talking about giving kids rides in his luxury helicopter at the Iowa State Fair, which begins on August 13. The authorities at the fair were not amused (per the Des Moines Register‘s Brianne Pfannenstiel): Sorry, kids. Looks like y [...]

El Chapo’s Lawyers Obtain Suspension of Arrest Order for Extradition

A court in Mexico has granted a request filed by El Chapo's lawyers to suspend the order of detention for purposes of extradition entered Wednesday. (Use google translate). The request for a writ of amparo against the detention order was filed… [[ This is a content summary only [...]

Hedge fund magnate donates $11 million to Cruz super PAC

Hedge-fund magnate Robert Mercer contributed $11 million to the Keep the Promise I super PAC, which is supporting Sen. Ted Cruz’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, a Federal Election Commission filing revealed Friday. Mercer’s donation is the largest single d [...]

Marco Rubio Gets a Big Boost From Two Loyal Billionaires

Two billionaires—one an eccentric ex-CEO with a striking resemblance to Tony Stark, the other a car dealer with a low public profile—have led the way in bankrolling the super-PAC backing Marco Rubio’s presidential bid. Conservative Solutions PAC brought in a total of nea [...]

Paid Leave This Week: Millennial Dads Discover That Work-Life Balance is Hard

Millennial dads are bad at work-life balance. Most millennial men think men and women should share caregiving responsibilities equally—in theory. But once they have children, they <a href=" [...]

Chris Christie didn’t just kill the tunnels, he did it out of partisan spite

Brian Murphy on Chris Christie’s dismal polling numbers, his newfound vow that he’ll get right on replacing the failing rail tunnels that link New Jersey to New York City, but only if you make him president first, and Christie’s absolutely transcendent bullshite over th [...]

I was sitting in the living room this afternoon and Hopper jumped into my lap. So I told Marian to turn the TV to CNN and I’d watch t [...]

Hillary Clinton releasing eight years of tax returns

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton was set to release eight years of tax returns late Friday showing that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid $433,885,310 in federal taxes during that period, with an effective federal tax rate of more than 35 p [...]

Huckabee Says He’d Consider Using Federal Troops to Stop Abortions

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told supporters in Iowa on Thursday that if he were elected president he would consider using the FBI or National Guard to end abortion by force. Per the Topeka Capital-Journal: “I will not pretend there is nothing we can do to stop t [...]

Move Over, Sheldon and Foster

I missed this story (from CNN’s Theodore Schliefer) when it first broke at the beginning of the week, but an official FEC report today has brought it back up: Two low-profile Texas brothers have donated $15 million to support Sen. Ted Cruz, a record-setting contribution that amount [...]