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Ted Cruz continues to defend Donald Trump on immigration

Sen. Ted Cruz continues to defend Donald Trump on immigration. Cruz (R-Tex.), in an interview with “Meet the Press” praised Trump for talking about immigration. Trump has made inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants, leading Macy’s and Univision to sever ties with [...]

McConnell not nuking the filibuster despite pleas from Bush, Walker

Looks like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t bowing to the wishes of Scott Walker and Jeb Bush on ending the Senate’s filibuster rule in order to ease the path to repealing Obamacare. Alexander Bolton has the details: Sources close to Senate Majority Leader Mitch M [...]

Cheers and Jeers: Mutton and Hard Cider FRIDAY!

From the MASSACHUSETTS-ANNEXED FRONTIER TERRITORY OF MAINE… Happy Birthday ‘Murica! Lest we forget from whence we cometh’d, a classic history lesson—rated “Mostly True” by PolitiFact and “Ten Hallelujahs!” by the Texas School Board—fro [...]

Cartoon: 2015’s summer blockbusters

Click to enlarge. I have yet to see any of this year’s big summer movies, but I will be attending a theatrical re-release of Jaws this weekend. I guess that’s what happens when you age out of Hollywood’s beloved 18-35 demographic. The Supreme Court’s term was an historic one and I’m surp [...]

Our 3 Favorite Moments from the President’s Speech in Wisconsin

Today, the President spoke at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse, reflecting on the great strides America has made in the past six years in economic reform. With over 64 months of private sector job growth and the lowest uninsured rate ever, the United States had made great progress [...]

Jeb Bush to meet with Mitt Romney in Kennebunkport

HANOVER, N.H. — Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are not the only presidential candidates catching up with Mitt Romney in New England. Romney and his wife, Ann, plan to meet this coming week with former Florida governor Jeb Bush for lunch at Walker’s Point, the Bush family compo [...]

Clinton warns that a Republican president would repeal Obamacare

HANOVER, N.H. — Hillary Rodham Clinton sharpened her partisan rhetoric to appeal to Democratic primary voters here Friday by issuing a dire warning: President Obama’s health care law would disappear if a Republican wins the White House in 2016. Celebrating last month’s S [...]

Democrats and Republicans are headed in opposite directions

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are improving in the polls while everyone else appears to be treading water. Sanders has been drawing large crowds with his common sense populist message and he has raised $15 million in the past two months. The Huffington Post is reporting that he is risin [...]

Trump’s Miss USA pageant gets thrown a lifeline by conservative media owner

Friends in low places. Don’t you worry, ya losers, Donald Trump and the world’s most prominent platform for job-related swimsuit competitions will land on their feet. With a little help from their friends. On Thursday, the relatively obscure independent cable channel Reelz s [...]

Holiday Roundup

We sorta get two Independence Day holidays this year, though here in California state and local government workers do not get today off, and obviously a lot of private sector folk everywhere are working today. It’s good to take a slight break from political junkie frenzy between las [...]

Midday open thread: Don’t endorse candidates Trumka tells state labor leaders; carbon capture mirage

Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is Scalia’s poetry slam: What’s coming up on Sunday Kos … The Southern heritage that Lost Causers would like us to ignore, by Susan Grigsby The legitimate, though unpopular, case for more politicians in Washington, by Steve Singiser The p [...]

Almost 200 years ago, Michigan and Ohio fought a war—and Wisconsin lost

(click to enlarge) In the 1750s, an American physician-cum-botanist named John Mitchell, despite living in Britain at the time and possessing no training as a geographer, nevertheless produced one of the most important maps of the colonial era, on that would ultimately bear his name, the [...]

Romney to host the Christies, Rubios at his New Hampshire home

This post has been updated BEDFORD, N.H. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s comeback journey begins here in New Hampshire, so the Republican presidential candidate is paying a visit to the last winner of the state’s first-in-the-nation primary and one of its most famous summer [...]

Leave Joe Biden Alone, Please

Yesterday I made the case that Bernie Sanders’ maximum role–by no means probable, just possible–in the 2016 presidential nominating process is to become a sort of Gene McCarthy figure who could if he keeps making strides open the field to additional, more electable figur [...]

Friday Open Thread

Here's a new open thread, all topics welcome. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Go to Source : Friday Open Thread

Mike Huckabee has sure had a lot of opinions over the years

David Fahrenthold has compiled a list of all the things Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has denounced over the years. Let’s take a look, shall we? 1.) Dancing, in general. “Christian teens stay away.” (1973) 2.) Twerking, by Miley Cyrus. “Shameless and tasteless dis [...]

A Rare Republican Shout-Out to the 14th Amendment

In what was billed as a speech on the economy, former Texas Governor Rick Perry delivered remarks to the National Press Club yesterday with some startling observations about the Republican Party and race. These observations were highlighted in Evan McMorris-Santoro’s account of the [...]

Activists give schools named after prominent Confederates a look-see

This map shows a few of the nearly 200 schools named for prominent leaders of the Confederacy. An interactive version is available here. More public schools are named after Confederates than after the former slaves and abolition activists Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. In fact,  [...]

Henry Chu of the LA Times reports on how the Greek media is presenting Sunday’s upcoming vote on the bailout: Strong emotions are in [...]