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"Sticking With the Issue After the Media Lost Interest"

It’s hard to imagine that it was less than a year ago that the media became consumed with horror stories about child migrants from Central America entering the United States. Some of us noticed that all of that (as well as the fear-mongering about Ebola) disappeared from the headlin [...]

Ted Cruz says Obama is an ‘unmitigated socialist’ who is ‘profoundly dangerous,’ and so forth

‘Oh spirit of Reagan, I summon thee and bind thee to my will.’ Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate for people who never learned to use their inside voices: “Obama is not a disaster because he was a senator,” said Cruz. “Obama is a disaster because he’s an unmitigated social [...]

Since my actual stem cell transplant happened on Thursday, that counts as Day Zero. Today is Day +2. It turns out that part of the prep for [...]

‘Nerd Prom’ is a gross, self-congratulatory name for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Stop.

With the dinner being held tonight, we are re-upping our posts from this week previewing the festivities. Once upon a time, the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner was jokingly referred to as “prom.” Like, this is the night that the insular D.C. schoolroom of  [...]

Teacher explains how standardized testing is hurting her first graders

A New York teacher has written a remarkable letter to Diane Ravitch explaining how the focus on standardized testing is hurting her students. Her first-grade students. Even though these kids won’t be taking Common Core tests for two years, she writes, those tests taken recently by  [...]

What Makes Us Exceptional

This week President Obama did something unprecedented…he took responsibility for a terrible mistake that took the lives of two good men. Here’s a part of what he said: But one of the things that sets America apart from many other nations, one of the things that makes us excep [...]

Obama tries to hold spotlight as 2016 race crowds the stage

With his name no longer on the ballot, President Obama is seeking to remain relevant as Washington’s attention shifts to the 2016 presidential race.For Saturday at least, Obama will command the spotlight as he takes the stage at the White House…

Obama makes his case for TPP in weekly address

Right now, on an uneven playing field. Where the rules are different. And that’s why America has to write the rules of the global economy – so that our workers can compete on a level playing field. President Obama made his case for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership in this morn [...]

Obama’s ‘Openness’ and Deceit

Do the Personal Qualities of a President Matter?

One of my favorite things is when people bust up conventional wisdom. That’s exactly what Paul Waldman did with an article titled: Sincerity is Overrated. You don’t need a president who’s sincere, you just need one who’ll do the things you want. Even though Preside [...]

No Column Today

Inglorious Goobers: Progressives Line Up to Defend Corrupt Clintons

Scott Walker: Mobilizing Resentment

This week in science: she’s a witch!

Will the real Mike Rogers (R-AL) please stand up? Because there’s a fire and brimstone Mike Rogers who hates him some commie leader and likes to wax elegantly on a certain president who purportedly cowers most cowardly before Putin’s manliness: “[Putin] breaks treaties,  [...]

The economy is increasingly rigged against workers with less education

It probably won’t come as a surprise that less-educated American workers have been struggling to make a living in recent years, but the numbers might still shock you: Working men aged 30 to 45 with no high school diploma saw their median earnings fall by 20 percent between 1990 and [...]

What’s Behind Michael Dyson’s Over the Top Take Down of Cornel West?

Obama Says Critics Of Trade Deal Sound Like Palin Touting Death Panels

Why Ron Paul’s big showing in Nevada may have made it harder for Rand Paul to do the same

Republican presidential politics in Nevada — a key early-voting state — have been chaotic in recent years, thanks in large part to former congressman and two-time GOP White House contender Ron Paul. Now his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is running for the office — and the  [...]

U.S. Too Casual About the Prospects of War With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Is the U.S. a Force for Good in the World?