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    Open thread for night owls: Why activists should care about the 40-year-old Church Committee report

    Branko Marcetic at In These Times writes—Why Activists Today Should Still Care About the 40-Year-Old Church Committee Report. The Church Committee Report reveals the lengths the government was willing to go in order to crush grassroots activism and spy on American citizens. An excerpt: T [...]

    After failed presidential run, Marco Rubio decides maybe being a senator isn’t so bad after all

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha—oh sweet Jeebus, make it stop. Two months after he quit the presidential race, as he heads into the twilight of his single term in the chamber, the Florida senator is showing signs that the job that once deeply frustrated him isn’t so bad, after all. Bashed on the  [...]

    "Captain America: Civil War" Is A Big Dumb Movie You Will Enjoy

    When last we saw our friends from Marvel they were doing…something. What was the last film? Ant-Man? I don’t really remember much about Ant-Man, except that Paul Rudd fought the drug-addled congressman from the first season of House of Cards. When last we memorably saw our fr [...]

    The Republicans’ Cinco de Mayo message is a bit shorter this year

    There’s been a rather conspicuous change to the Republican National Committee’s official Cinco de Mayo message this election year. Go on, guess what it is. The Republican National Committee dropped a line in its annual Cinco de Mayo message urging the United States to be more  [...]

    Everyone Is Getting Today’s Trump Tweet Totally Wrong

    I think everyone is badly misinterpreting this tweet from Donald Trump: Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2016 This is not an [...]

    How about a little civil war to go with that Trump, Republicans?

    Count money among the problems the Republican party is facing now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee—like, who is going to be willing to sink their fortunes into this presidential run? Even the money guys who just kept piling funds behind Jeb! Bush and Marco Rubio are likely to  [...]

    Social conservative group files suit to block transgender student’s access to locker room

    The anti-LGBT legal group Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit Wednesday on behalf of dozens of families to block a Chicago school district from allowing a female transgender student to use designated areas within the girls’ locker room. Reuters reports: Fifty-one families in the Palati [...]

    Trump’s New Finance Chair Led a Bank That Made Millions Off Taxpayer Bailouts

    Donald Trump has slammed Washington insiders, lobbyists, and Wall Street as he has tapped populist anger to snag the Republican presidential nomination. Yet when it came time to pick the top money man for his campaign, he turned to a hedge-funder best known for running a bank that made bi [...]

    Submitted by Jud Lounsbury on Thu, 05/05/2016 – 4:36pm Jud Lounsbury Photos courtesy of Gage Skidmore and  [...]

    In an in-depth investigation in 2013, Mother Jones found that guns kill hundreds of children per year in the United States. Many die in hom [...]

    Trump’s Hispanic Outreach

    Yes, this really happened. Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2016 It’s hard to capture all the different ways this is wrong. In [...]

    How do Americans feel about the economy? Here is Pew Research: Americans are now more positive about the job opportunities available to th [...]

    Alabama lawmakers pass ban on abortion method and allow no exceptions for rape or incest

    Members of the Alabama House of Representatives voted Wednesday to table an amendment that would have provided rape and incest exceptions in yet another bill that is part of the forced-birthers’ multi-state campaign to end what they hotly label “dismemberment abortion.”  No House Democrat [...]

    The Highest Ranking Republican Will Not Support Donald Trump

    “To be perfectly candid with you, I’m not ready to do that yet,” Ryan said. “I am not there right now.” The post The Highest Ranking Republican Will Not Support Donald Trump appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : The Highest Ranking Republican Will N [...]

    A Nation of Second Chances

    President Barack Obama meets for lunch with formerly incarcerated individuals who have received commutations, at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C., March 30, 2016. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) Earlier this spring, I met with a group of individuals whose sentence [...]

    The Media Is Spreading A Myth of ‘Donald The Dove.’ It’s Wrong.

    A strange idea is entering the media: the myth of “Donald the dove,” who warned against America’s hawkishness in the Middle East. The post The Media Is Spreading A Myth of ‘Donald The Dove.’ It’s Wrong. appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : The Media Is Spreadi [...]

    The Clintons Have Been Here Before

    Joe Klein is correct. It’s easy to forget how steep of a climb Bill Clinton had to make to first win the Democratic nomination and then to win the presidency. He had larger problems than an email server: he had recently been found out as a Vietnam draft dodger and a womanizer. Peop [...]

    The Highest Ranking Republican Just Refused to Endorse Donald Trump–For Now

    House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday that he is “not ready” to endorse Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president. “I’m just not ready to do that at this point,” Ryan told CNN‘s Jake Tapper. “I think what a lot of Republica [...]

    Alabama city repeals anti-transgender ‘bathroom’ ordinance before mayor can sign it

    While North Carolina lawmakers may be embracing cuts in federal funding over their anti-transgender bathroom policy, city council members in Oxford, Alabama, weren’t fond of that prospect. The council quickly reversed course Wednesday on an ordinance that would have criminalized transgend [...]