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Let’s Not Demonize People Based on Their Place of Employment

Last year I got an email from Sen. Al Franken urging me to join him in rejecting President Obama’s nomination of Antonio Weiss to serve as Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department. The case the Senator made was that Weiss had worked for a Wall Street firm. I p [...]

One group Trump donated to benefits fundraisers, not veterans

One of the charities that Donald Trump selected to receive a donation from his veterans’ fundraiser is a group with a rating of “F” from CharityWatch, and has been criticized in the past for spending less than half of its incoming donations on programs that help veterans [...]

Submitted by Ruth Conniff on Tue, 05/31/2016 – 2:53pm Ruth Conniff On Memorial Day this year, I spoke at a [...]

Here’s What Actual Climate Scientists Think Of Trump’s New Energy Plan

From concerned to flat-out horrified. The post Here’s What Actual Climate Scientists Think Of Trump’s New Energy Plan appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Here’s What Actual Climate Scientists Think Of Trump’s New Energy Plan

Donald Trump Melts Down In Epic Whinefest

Donald Trump is pissed off again. Surprise! This morning he held a press conference to announce who was getting the money from his January veterans fundraiser, and immediately proceeded to tee off on the press for…lèse-majesté? I’m not sure what else to call it.  [...]

Let’s start by saying that the documentary “Weiner,” about the attempted comeback of former representative Anth [...]

Forget Immigration and Affirmative Action. Chief Justice Roberts Wants to Talk About Peat Moss.

With a month left before its summer recess, the Supreme Court has yet to issue rulings on several landmark cases involving immigration, reproductive rights, and affirmative action. So on Monday morning, TV cameras were parked outside, and the courtroom was buzzing with anticipation when t [...]

The Obama Administration Is Stopping Cluster Bomb Sales to Saudi Arabia

In a rare display of wariness over civilian casualties in Yemen, the United States is halting the sale of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia, according to Foreign Policy. Last week, an unnamed American official said that the move comes amid rising concerns that Riyadh’s US-backed air cam [...]

Midday open thread: Nearly 900 immigrants drowned last week; Hawking’s climate remarks ignored

Today’s comic by Jen Sorensen is Intelligence tests of our times: • 880 immigrants traveling from Libya to Italy drowned last week: It was the worst known tally for a single week in a year. A spokesman for the United Nation Human Commission for Refugees, William Spindler, said some 2 [...]

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — With just one week to go before this state’s primary, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are starting t [...]

When Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of Congress’s most hard-line immigration lawmakers, became the first sitting U.S. senator to endor [...]

Forget about all that data-driven GOTV stuff—Trump’s investing in T-shirts and caps

Not only is Trump’s campaign broke, he’s eschewing the very data-driven technology that nearly every other politician in the nation longs to have access to. It’s unclear whether Trump’s just too cheap to invest in it or he doesn’t believe in it (because, ya k [...]

The Great White Dope

Many pundits opine about Donald Trump, but few do so with the special authority of Pat Buchanan. While Trump has several important precursors such as George Wallace and Ross Perot, no other political figure prefigured Trump quite so exactly as Buchanan. As Sulla was to Julius Caesar, as J [...]

Bernie Sanders reaffirms his lack of respect for democracy

Bernie Sanders is still praying for a superdelegate coup that will never happen. Bernie Sanders reaffirmed Sunday that he is not planning to accept defeat in the primary race until the Democratic Party’s convention in July, regardless of the outcome of the June 7 primaries, which i [...]

On seventh anniversary of Dr. George Tiller’s assassination, anti-abortion terrorism still a threat

Today is the seventh anniversary of the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. Tiller was the medical director of Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas, one of just three clinics across the nation that at the time provided late-term abortions. When Scott Roeder walked up to t [...]

If Trump Isn’t a Change Agent

Mitch McConnell is trying to reassure concerned conservatives that their presidential nominee won’t be an apostate. And even as the presidential nominee, Trump won’t redefine the Republican Party, McConnell says. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Trump predicted h [...]

For the bajillionth time in this campaign, Bernie Sanders was asked over the weekend about the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary [...]

The Next Frontier of Climate Change: Climate & Social Justice

Event Summary The Next Frontier of Climate Change is a policy series hosted by the New Republic with partners across the country, examining the public policy opportunities to address climate change and its impacts. On Wednesday, June 1, we will be examining the effects of climate chang [...]

Trump to the Media: Stop Scrutinizing Me!

A press conference called by Donald Trump to discuss his donations to veterans’ groups devolved into a lengthy bout of bickering between the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and members of the press over media treatment of his campaign. While Trump has fought with the pre [...]

Greg Sargent is a little tired of the current conventional wisdom about a Trump-Clinton general election: Democrats should not underestim [...]