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This story, which contains spoilers, first appeared on the TomDispatch website. Some time ago, I wrote a book about one of the great crim [...]

Open thread: Lives that matter, Trump and 2016, and Cold War memories

Coming up on Sunday Kos … The black and brown firewall blocking Trump, by Denise Oliver Velez  Retracing Cold War memories: Part Four, Wildflecken/Rhone, by Mark E Andersen GOP platform breaks Trump’s ‘no cuts’ promise on Social Security and Medicare, by Jon Perr Netroo [...]

Saturday Night News and Open Thread

Here's an interesting article about abusive conditions at a Honduras factory where Donald Trump shirts are manufactured. Employees at a textile factory that made Trump shirts report dangerous, abusive conditions — harsh even for… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit m [...]

PHILADELPHIA — After a lengthy debate and a deal between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic  [...]

This week in the war on workers: Philadelphia airport workers plan strike during DNC

On Tuesday, workers at the Philadelphia airport rallied ahead of a possible strike next week. The workers are trying to draw attention to their low wages—last year, they won $12 an hour and are now fighting to get to $15. And next week is a good time to get attention for their struggle, w [...]

Mike Pence: ‘Smoking doesn’t kill,’ and other thigh-slappers

While Con Man Don Trump is an agile ideological chameleon, able to change his views on a dime and deny they were ever any different in the same breath, his vice presidential pick Mike Pence is just a good ole-fashioned ignoramus when it comes to science: Right around the time Pence decla [...]

#DuPontKnew: Worse Things for Worse Living

Just because ExxonMobil may get away with avoiding legal accountability for its years of obstructing environmental justice doesn’t mean that all polluters will be able to do so. Case in point: DuPont, which earlier this month confronted the consequences of carelessness about cancer: David [...]

Superdelegates clash begins at pre-DNC rules meeting

PHILADELPHIA — The rules meeting of the Democratic National Committee kicked off with protests from the outnumbered supporters of Bernie Sanders. On Saturday morning, a coalition of progressive groups held a news conference at the city’s convention center to display the petitions th [...]

This week at progressive state blogs: Kaine plus and minus; Zinke praises Saddam; Comcast rip-off

This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Let me know via comments or Kosmail if you have a favorite state- or city-based blog you think I should be watching. Here is last Saturday [...]

Tim Kaine to naturalized American citizens: "Thanks for choosing us!"

Hillary Clinton and her new running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, held their first rally as a ticket in Miami on Saturday: x In sharp contrast with Trump, Kaine says to immigrants: “Thanks for choosing us.” — Roll Call (@rollcall) July 23, 2016  Another highlight: x Dems  [...]

As Courts Strike Down Discriminatory Voter ID Laws, RNC Delegates Cry ‘Voter Fraud’

Delegates from Wisconsin and Texas said the recent rulings will compromise the integrity of elections. The post As Courts Strike Down Discriminatory Voter ID Laws, RNC Delegates Cry ‘Voter Fraud’ appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : As Courts Strike Down Discrimina [...]

Good news! Right wing doesn’t think Barack Obama can pull off his coup

Anytime an opinion piece is titled “Obama is too incompetent to pull off a coup,” you know it’s going to be full of delicious crazy. Dare we take a closer look? Turkey’s failed coup, combined with the disastrous disunity and polarization in the United States thanks to Barack Obama, have  [...]

During the run-up to the blessedly now-concluded vice-presidential picks by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one refrain was com [...]

MIAMI — The newly formed Democratic ticket took the stage together for the first time in Miami, showing off a partnership that prizes [...]

WikiLeaks Email Dump Raises Questions About How The DNC Treated Bernie Sanders

“This is a silly story. He isn’t going to be president,” writes Wasserman Schultz. The post WikiLeaks Email Dump Raises Questions About How The DNC Treated Bernie Sanders appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : WikiLeaks Email Dump Raises Questions About How The  [...]

Housing Secretary Julian Castro was long touted as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton, but when the call came Friday informi [...]

Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic campaign—A job for everyone, let’s talk precincts

Welcome back, Saturday Campaign D-I-Y’ers! For those who tune in, welcome to the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic Campaign. Each week, we discuss issues that help drive successful campaigns. If you’ve missed prior diaries, please visit our group or follow Nuts & Bolts Guide. This week [...]

The Day the GOP Stood Still

Rarely is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrong in his political or economic conclusions; the man makes an error about as infrequently as Halley’s Comet is visible from Earth. However, there was one tiny flaw in his July 18 post about the GOP’s march towards mania. Krugman correctly [...]

The runners-up in Hillary Clinton’s veepstakes have started to rally around her pick of Sen. Timothy M. Kaine as a running mate, in a [...]

Sen. Timothy M. Kaine and Hillary Clinton once held very similar views on international trade deals — President Obama’s signatu [...]