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A Carrot and Stick Approach to Climate Change

By now we all know that this Congress will do nothing to combat global climate change. And so, what we see happening is that President Obama will use his “pen and phone” strategy to institute both a carrot and stick approach to begin the process of addressing this issue. On th [...]

Donald Trump On Black Lives Matter: ‘We Have To Give Power Back To The Police’

Asked about growing concerns over police brutality toward black Americans, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Sunday that more power should be given to the police. “It’s a massive crisis,” Trump said on Meet the Press, when asked about the concerns of [...]

Ted Cruz again claims Obama works to the benefit of our enemies. And the movement loves him for it.

I would say that Sen. Ted Cruz has gone off the rails, but throughout his short career Ted Cruz has never been on them. He is rail-less. “If this deal is consummated, it will make the Obama administration the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz said during a rou [...]

Joe Biden Reportedly Considering Run For President

Joe Biden — Vice President of the United States, celebrity crush of Leslie Knope, hero of The Onion — is reportedly considering a run for president. According to the New York Times, Biden is in the early stages of “actively explor[ing] a possible presidential campaign.&# [...]

The two indisputable and seemingly contradictory realities of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

The renewed talk of a possible presidential run for Vice President Joe Biden in 2016 reveals two political facts about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy — facts that tell the dueling realities of her 2016 political campaign. Let’s start with the second fact first.  And it  [...]

One officer was indicted for murdering Sam Dubose. What about the officers who lied to cover it up?

The mugshot of Police Officer Ray Tensing, left, and the man for whose murder he was indicted, Sam Dubose. The murder of Sam Dubose by University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was truly horrible. The video captured by Tensing’s body-cam shows what began as a routine tra [...]

Donald Trump and the Republican Id

I have to admit that there are times I’m tempted to agree with George Will that Donald Trump is just trolling Republicans. But whether intended or not, he is demonstrating what happens when you take Republican rhetoric to its logical (?) conclusion. And it’s definitely NOT a p [...]

Jimmy Carter: American Democracy Has Been Subverted into an ‘Oligarchy’ with ‘Unlimited Political Bribery’

Go to Source : Jimmy Carter: American Democracy Has Been Subverted into an ‘Oligarchy’ with ‘Unlimited Political Bribery’

If my mom was alive, she’d probably be voting for Hillary

Delta Sorors at their Centennial in Washington DC, 2013 Why would my mom more than likely be voting for Hillary Clinton? Because my mom was a Delta. For those of you who have no clue what that means, Deltas are not an airline—it is the short name for a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorori [...]

Worker Pay Is Rising at the Slowest Rate Ever Recorded

Go to Source : Worker Pay Is Rising at the Slowest Rate Ever Recorded

For Cecil the Lion

Go to Source : For Cecil the Lion

The ‘Two Minutes Hate’ of Tom Brady

Go to Source : The ‘Two Minutes Hate’ of Tom Brady

U.S. Tries to Stir Ethnic Division in Crimea

Go to Source : U.S. Tries to Stir Ethnic Division in Crimea

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Day of the Dancing Duck

As you might expect, there are two themes that dominate the pundits this morning: how did Donald Trump get past the barricades into our extremely serious political system, and how a home made “documentary” that contains snippets of conversations collected over three years has  [...]

Terence Blanchard Fifty-three year-old New Orleans-born trumpeter and composer Terence Blanchard is a heavyweight among his musical peer [...]

Obama turns to climate change

President Obama is looking to cement his legacy on climate change.His administration will finalize sweeping new regulations on power plants on Monday, which is sure to spark a fight with Republicans in Congress.In a video released early Sunday… Go to Source : Obama turns to climate change

Joe Biden’s Plans Have Long Roots

The latest news about Joe Biden considering a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is hardly a surprise. Joe Biden has always considered running for President in 2016. A year and a half ago, in February, 2014, he told ABC he couldn't… [[ This is a content summary only [...]

Sunday Talk: Pure comedy gold

We’re only a few short days away from the first (RNC–sanctioned) Republican presidential primary debate—which will presumably be the greatest (or, at the very least, the classiest and most luxurious) show on Earth—but I want it now! Honestly, I’m so f [...]

The Last Late Late Night FDL: When The Music’s Over

The Doors — When The Music’s Over, live in Copenhagen, 1968. What a long strange trip its been, eh? I’m so thankful to Jane for allowing me to host Late Night/Late Late Night lo these past many years. I’d also like to thank Tut for stepping up and hosting so I did [...]