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Even as the federal government provides housing assistance for 5.5 million households, 7.2 million housing units are needed for m [...]

O.J.: Made in America: How Do You Like Him Now?

There’s a moment in the FX series The People v O.J. Simpson, where Simpson, sitting with his lawyers in county jail, learns that his defense team’s strategy will be to highlight the Los Angeles police department’s infamous history of police brutality towards the African-American community [...]

The Books That Made Them Feminists

“In high school The Second Sex was my Ann Landers,” activist and historian Rosalyn Baxandall once recalled. “I read and reread every wilted page for advice.” Barbara Omolade, active in feminism and Black nationalism, has described how, after reading Gerda Lerner’s Black Women in White Ame [...]

ISE CITY, Japan — President Obama said Thursday that world leaders have been surprised by Donald Trump’s emergence as [...]

Primary Concerns Episode 15: Hillary Clinton’s Two-Front War

Hillary Clinton is taking fire from all sides. On her left, Bernie Sanders is demanding a high price for unifying the party. On her right, Donald Trump is playing every dirty trick available to him: deploying debunked Clinton conspiracy theories from the 1990s, and even accusing Clinton o [...]

The Science of Why #NeverTrump Will End Up Voting for Trump

Last February, New York Republican Rep. Peter King said Donald Trump was “not fit to be president, morally or intellectually.” In early May, he endorsed Trump. And King is not alone. Where many Republican Party members were once focused on Trump’s negatives, they’r [...]

Bernie Should’ve Attacked Hillary’s “Damn Emails”

One of the most memorable moments of the Democratic primaries came during the first Democratic debate in October, when Bernie Sanders proclaimed his intent not to go after Hillary Clinton for using her personal email account for government business while she was secretary of state. “Let m [...]

“A congressman issued that report without even talking to any of our advisers. I don’t think that’s appropriate. I don’t think th [...]

As the Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in California grows tighter and the competition more fierce, bo [...]

LOS ANGELES — Thirteen minutes into his interview with Donald Trump, ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel said he had a question from [...]

This week’s Hollywood Reporter features a 4,000-word cover story about A&E’s remake of Roots. About halfway through, report [...]

Open thread for night owls: In Oregon, pro-occupation candidates get the boot

Don’t let the door hitcha on the way out, and so on. Voters in rural Harney County, Oregon, overwhelmingly rejected the ideology of right-wing militia members who made the local wildlife refuge famous with their ill-fated occupation earlier this year. Candidates sympathetic to Am [...]

Donald Trump has parted ways with political director and veteran GOP operative Rick Wiley, the Trump campaign abruptly announced Wedn [...]

Maine Gov. Paul LePage is adamantly against healthcare expansion—but doesn’t know what it does

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, who is insane, is so virulently opposed to Medicaid expansion in his state that he’s vetoed the legislature’s attempts to do it six times. So does it count as a bit awkward when it comes to light that he doesn’t actually know what it would do? It’ [...]

Hillary, Donald and Bernie Open Thread

I've had enough of the election for a while. I'm not particularly interested in Trump protests or Bernie Sanders' latest maneuvers. Or reports on Hillary's email. Here's an open thread to discuss the election. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website fo [...]

El Chapo’s Lawyers Denied Extradition Documents

Some new developments in the extradition efforts against Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman: His lawyer Jose Refugio was refused permission to meet with El Chapo when he went to the Prison. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to give his lawyer,… [[ This is a content summary [...]

All Four ISIS "Beatles" Guards Now Identified

All four of the brutal British prison guards of ISIS's foreign hostages known as the Beatles have now been identified. Here's an interview with the mother of the 4th one, El Shafee Elsheikh, identified a few days ago by the Washington Post… [[ This is a content summary on [...]

Donald Trump pivots to the general election: ‘I say that for the television cameras’ edition

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee and wig mannequin come to life Donald Trump has unceremoniously bulldozed over all his fellow Republican opponents. Now he must turn his attention to the general election. Can he pivot from his hard-right bluster and flagrant irrationalities to  [...]

Trump’s Misleading Attack on Martinez

Donald Trump took several verbal jabs at Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez after she declined to attend his rally in Albuquerque. But his criticism of her effort to keep Syrian refugees out of New Mexico was way off base. Trump wrongly claimed that “Syrian refugees are bein [...]