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Why Donald Trump doesn’t have a 212 area code on his cell phone

In the wake of Donald Trump’s decision to give the entire world Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number, Gawker decided that turnabout was fair play. On Monday, the site published what it says is Trump’s number, starting with the 917 area code common to many New York [...]

Malaysia Announces Biggest "Donor Contribution" In History

From the Wall Street Journal: Malaysia’s anticorruption agency said Monday that 2.6 billion ringgit (about $700 million) was deposited into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal account and that the money was from a “donor contribution,” not from 1Malaysia Develop [...]

Scott Walker just got punked at a New Hampshire pizza shop

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Maybe it should have been a tip-off that the two 20-somethings were so overly excited to meet Scott Walker. Like dramatically excited. The young woman was literally bouncing with excitement. And the young man had a homemade sign declaring that the Republican gover [...]

"I Am Cait" Divides Audiences Along Political Lines

On July 26, Caitlyn Jenner premiered her new reality show I Am Cait, reigniting the internet debate on the validity of the transgender identity. Which side of the debate one falls on correlates highly with one’s political position.Liberal Go to Source : "I Am Cait" Divides Audie [...]

How to understand the effects of President Obama’s new climate rules, in four graphs

President Obama has placed an increasing focus on tackling climate change in the last 12 months, with a clear eye on his political legacy. On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Power Plan, a framework under which the United States — as in, each of the [...]

Camille Cosby’s Loyalty Confounds a New Generation

By the time I was born, my great-grandparents had been married for 50 years. Their stoic, straight-backed photographs hung on the walls of the home where they raised ten children. I remember their daily bickering, how our family played it for laughs, and how many of my cousins aspired to  [...]

The idea of Joe Biden running for president doesn’t make a ton of sense

Maureen Dowd’s column over the weekend — which reported that Beau Biden’s dying wish was that his father run for president in 2016 — has started anew a debate over whether the Vice President should or will make the race. There’s tons of conflicting report [...]

Apocalyptic Rhetoric

Speaking of Crazy, WaMo editor in chief Paul Glastris answered a New York Times query how he would define “crazy” presidential candidates. Here’s part of what he had to say: The first [question] is to ask whether an otherwise sane and capable candidate might make crazy, [...]

Fibonacci Blue/Flickr Late last week, as you may recall, conservative activists exploded with demands that the whole GOP devote itself to [...]

Why that Trump staffer’s racially charged Facebook timeline shouldn’t surprise you

At this point, political staffer foibles follow a well-heeled script: There’s the discovery, followed by expressions of shock and disbelief, the denial or near-apology, the investigation into the allegations by the campaign, and the subsequent firing. The process is almost fully [...]

Will Joe Biden run? D.C.’s longest-running guessing game

The latest spate of periodic “will Joe run?” stories gave us a sense of deja vu all over again. They pop up every time Hillary’s campaign stumbles badly, and the parlor game will continue probably until he finally says “yes” or “no.” The last  [...]

Amy Schumer Announces Plan To Tackle Gun Control

Amy Schumer just joined the gun control fight. During a press conference on Monday, the comedian, along with her cousin New York Senator Chuck Schumer, unveiled a new initiative to tackle gun violence. Last month, 59-year-old John Russell Houser allegedly opened fire inside a Louisiana m [...]

President Obama is unveiling his plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants today, and it’s generally being hailed as the most [...]

Donald Trump plows ahead in a new poll — but the best news belongs to John Kasich

Teflon Donald Trump saw his support double in polls from Monmouth University over the past month — comments about illegal Mexican immigrants/war heroes/everything else notwithstanding. Or, more likely, because of those comments and the reaction to them. Our updated estimate of t [...]

GOP presidential candidate looks for glimmer of hope in Trump-mentum polls

It’s desperate times for the Republicans (not named Trump) running for president, so it’s little surprise they’d chest pound at even the slightest sliver of positive news. Even if that news is pretty much meaningless. We received an e-mail from Louisiana Gov. Bobby J [...]

Republicans know their debate will be messy, so they’re trying to set expectations accordingly

Lowering expectations ahead of a debate is a time-honored political tradition, but it’s a complicated one for this giant, messy Republican field as their first debate approaches. The roster isn’t even set for the top-tier debate, changing the expectations-setting game for som [...]

Report on patent office: Working from home has become a right, not a privilege. And that’s a problem.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s telework policy has made it one of the most popular places to work in government. It’s also made working from home a right instead of a privilege, leaving managers with virtually no authority to discipline employees who slack off. Tha [...]

Ted Cruz teaches America how to make ‘machine-gun bacon’

The Aristocrats And here we have a bit of presidential theater in which mid-tier Republican candidate and sitting member of the world’s Greatest Deliberative Body Ted Cruz ostensibly teaches you how to cook bacon using only the machine gun you no doubt have lying around the house. [...]

How Russ Feingold explains Trump-mentum

Unless you live in southeast Ohio, there’s no reason to remember the 2012 contest for the state’s 6th Congressional District. This decade’s Republican gerrymander turned a competitive rural seat into a Republican-leaning district for Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio). Democ [...]

Steve Benen points us to Jeb Bush’s latest YouTube video: a cheap 15-second spot calling out members of Congress for being lazy bums  [...]