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Mitch McConnell Seeks to Boost Big Money, Again

In the June/July/August issue of the Washington Monthly, former Bill Clinton-pollster Stanley Greenberg discussed areas of agreement between “downscale” white working class voters and reform-minded progressives. His findings came from research he did in concert with Page Gardn [...]

Trump Trolls Disability Community Again In Statement Denying He Mocked Reporter’s Condition

Trump leaps smoothly from controversial statements about Muslims to controversy over apparent on-stage mockery of a reporter with a congenital joint condition. The post Trump Trolls Disability Community Again In Statement Denying He Mocked Reporter’s Condition appeared first on Thin [...]

Donald Trump’s various rude and offensive comments haven’t hurt him at all

Donald Trump hadn’t said 300 words during his announcement speech before he called Mexican immigrants rapists. Even before that, he’d already made fun of his sweaty opponents and President Obama. But by word 300, he’d already made the comment that prompted a backlash [...]

Violence toward Black Lives Matter activists erases any doubt: We live in a time of racial strife

First there was that incident at the Trump rally in Alabama. You know, the one where a protester with, shall we say, some ideas that are not terribly compatible with those of Trump or many of his supporters, showed up. He wound up on the ground, taking a beating and throwing some punc [...]

Here’s how many of the record-setting hottest years you’ve lived through

Next week, world leaders will gather in Paris to discuss strategies for addressing climate change. The main topic of conversation — as it always is at these regular convenings — will be how to curtail the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide to prevent the [...]

It’s Black Friday and the Religious Zealots Are Running Out of Places to Shop

On this Black Friday, apparently members of the religious right are running into a problem. After having joined the bandwagon of turning Christmas into a commercialized shopping extravaganza, Linda Harvey says that they’re running out of places to spend their money that are content  [...]

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

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Kochs’ Push for Criminal Legal Reform Is Aimed at Protecting Corporate Lawbreakers

Go to Source : Kochs’ Push for Criminal Legal Reform Is Aimed at Protecting Corporate Lawbreakers

Daily Kos Radio is EATING LEFTOVERS (and liking it) at 9 AM ET!

One more day with the fam, for me! Which means one more day in the time machine for us. We go two years back this time, to the November 27, 2013 show: Pre-Thanksgiving 2013, with Greg Dworkin, Joan McCarter & Armando, back when the hot topics were… well, not unlike the hot topics of t [...]

Five Shot at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest; Police Search for White Suspects

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Trump-Mania?

David Frum took up the cause of proposing yet another plan for how “the establishment” can bring down Donald Trump. His suggestion is that the driving force behind Trump-mania is immigration, and so they should call out Trump for hiring undocumented workers and flip-flopping o [...]

Thanksgiving Thoughts on the Children of War

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According to the retail industry, “Black Friday” is the day when retail profits for the year go from red to black. Are you ske [...]

Claiming Power, Creating the Future

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The psychology of political beliefs (or, why you didn’t convince your uncle that he’s wrong)

When Donald Trump declared last weekend that he saw television footage of thousands of Muslims cheering from New Jersey on the day of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, fact-checkers moved quickly. The Post’s Glenn Kessler found no evidence of Trump’s claim, awarding it [...]

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Climate change, Black Friday, and more

We begin today’s roundup with an editorial from The Sacramento Bee on the demise of Black Friday (since many of the deals are released the week beforehand): Though some hardy traditionalists no doubt spent Thursday night camped outside some department store entrance, most holiday shopper [...]

A Massive Climate Summit Is About to Happen in Paris. Here’s What You Need to Know.

On Monday, roughly 40,000 heads of state, diplomats, scientists, activists, policy experts, and journalists will descend on an airport in the northern Paris suburbs for the biggest summit meeting on climate change since at least 2009, or maybe ever. The summit is organized by the United  [...]

America’s Most Useless Surveillance Program Is Finally (Almost) Over

On Sunday, the National Security Agency will have to shut down one of its controversial mass surveillance programs: the unlimited collection of the phone records of millions of Americans, known as bulk metadata collection. That program allowed the NSA to collect information about citizens [...]

Christmas isn’t just a time to fantasize about going Zero Dark Thirty on a bunch of elves—it’s also a chance to show your [...]

An American in Brighton

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