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    Indiana and Beyond: Republicans to Get Trump’d

    As Ted Cruz and Donald Trump wade into the mud with their personal attacks against each other, Republicans are coming to grips with the realization that Donald Trump will be their nominee. Former John McCain top advisor Mark Salter says he'll… [[ This is a content summary only. [...]

    It is a rare occasion when one’s personal interests align with one’s job obligations. So, when the ridiculous National En [...]

    This Abortion Doctor Is Fighting for Her Right to Stand Up for Reproductive Rights

    An abortion provider in Washington, D.C. has filed a legal complaint against the hospital where she is currently completing a two-year fellowship, alleging that administrators violated her civil rights by effectively silencing her from publicly supporting the right to an abortion, the New [...]

    Do We Really Want to Lead the World in Toddler Shootings?

    I remember last fall when I saw this article by Christopher Ingraham I hesitated to share it because it is so sad. This week a 2-year-old in South Carolina found a gun in the back seat of the car he was riding in and accidentally shot his grandmother, who was sitting in the passenger seat [...]

    A New Investigation Confirms Your Worst Suspicions About Michigan Leaders and the Flint Water Crisis

    In the aftermath of the water crisis in Flint, many have asked why—despite numerous reports of tainted, foul-smelling water from residents—lead-contaminated water flowed through the city’s pipes for 18 months. The response has been largely a deflection in blame: Local o [...]

    Conservative Dallas suburb overwhelmingly rejects anti-LGBT ‘bathroom’ ordinance

    Public officials of a conservative enclave in Dallas almost unanimously repudiated an anti-transgender “bathroom” ordinance in a local battle that may help turn the corner on the discussion in Texas. John Wright has the details of Monday’s Rockwall City Council meeting: First, nearly 100 [...]

    Protests against gender-inclusive bathrooms are on the rise. On Monday, according to local news reports more than 500 people showed up at  [...]

    This is a terrific political ad that you should take 60 seconds to watch

    Political ads these days are a dime a dozen.  Most of them look the same, sound the same and have about the same impact on voters: zero. That’s why when a really good one comes along, I like to highlight it. Which brings me to the new ad from New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan (D), [& [...]

    As a child of a struggling family, I lived in 32 houses and attended 12 schools. The two constants in my life were the public schools and [...]

    The federal budget, more than most responsibilities of a president, is a statement of an administration’s priorities for go [...]

    When left to voters, raising the minimum wage has had astounding success. Over the past 20 years, every statewide minimum wage ba [...]

    Midday open thread: Another American killed in combat with ISIS; ND’s state-owned bank offers model

    On Tuesday, voters in Indiana will cast ballots in their state’s presidential primary, but they’ll also be voting in down-ballot primaries as well. The Republican Senate contest takes center stage, and two House battles are also on the menu for the GOP. Polls close in most of Indiana  [...]

    Ted Cruz’s Stunning Hypocrisy, In One Press Conference

    In February, Cruz praised Trump. Today he called him a “pathological liar.” The post Ted Cruz’s Stunning Hypocrisy, In One Press Conference appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Ted Cruz’s Stunning Hypocrisy, In One Press Conference

    Cruz Said He Wouldn’t Attack Donald Trump. Then He Held This Press Conference.

    In February, Cruz praised Trump. Today he called him a “pathological liar.” The post Cruz Said He Wouldn’t Attack Donald Trump. Then He Held This Press Conference. appeared first on ThinkProgress. Go to Source : Cruz Said He Wouldn’t Attack Donald Trump. Then He Held Thi [...]

    The Daily Kos Elections guide to the Indiana primary

    Several weeks ago, there was a ton of hype about the Indiana primaries. It was looking like Donald Trump’s trajectory was going to leave him just short of 1,237 delegates which would open up the first truly contested convention in decades, and Indiana would be his last big chance before C [...]

    Show Portman the exit. Republican Sen. Rob Portman is facing a tough challenge in Ohio from former governor and congressman Ted Stricklan [...]

    American Family Association ‘testing’ Target by entering the wrong bathrooms. Take that, Target!

    The anti-LGBT hate group American Family Association has been “boycotting” Target stores after Target explained that they weren’t going to be policing their restrooms to make sure transgender people were using the “right” one. But that’s just phase one of the AFA’s [...]

    In the southeastern corner of Indiana, tucked against the Ohio River, is Ohio County. About 6,000 people live there, making it the sm [...]