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Obama and Warren: A Contrast in Analytic Styles

Andrew Sprung has written a fascinating article in which he lays out the different ways President Obama and Senator Warren talk about the roots of income inequality. He does so by contrasting a speech the President gave in December 2013 on the topic and one Senator Warren gave recently (w [...]

Why do people persist in voting against their self-interest?

If people voted in their own self-interest, the Republican Party would never come close to getting 1% of the vote. It would fade away into an obscure footnote in history. That will be its destiny, if people make it their business to find out what is going on in this country. The simple tr [...]

$15 minimum wage in L.A. is great. But it was only necessary because a Democratic Congress blew it

If national Democrats had done their job, she’d have had a living wage years ago. Before she was the tart-tongued grande dame on Downton Abbey, Maggie Smith was the tartan-clad elder stateswoman of Hogwarts. In the sixth Potter film, after Harry saved his friend Ron Weasley from p [...]

I’ve made the case previously that the turn-around of the Civil Rights Division at DOJ after it was politicized and decimated by the  [...]

The perils of trying to define ‘an accurate pollster’

If the majority of polls in 2014 were accurate, this guy would be Governor of Kansas. Next week, you can expect to see a piece offering a review of the performances of the polling community from the 2014 cycle. It is the third time I have taken on this particular task—you can see the e [...]

Tunisian General Rachid Ammar announces his resignation on TV, June, 2013. Demotix/ Chedly Ben Ibrahim. All rights reserved. Authoritaria [...]

A photographer can work so long as there is light – Edward Weston Yesterday, I came home from shopping and was struck by the color o [...]

Jeffrey Goldberg has conducted yet another fascinating interview with President Obama. They spent time discussing three topics: ISIS, Iran [...]

Here’s a fascinating tidbit of research. A pair of grad students surveyed 2,000 state legislators and asked them what they thought th [...]

Here’s a fascinating tidbit of research. A pair of grad students surveyed 2,000 state legislators and asked them what they thought th [...]

Do not call me girl: Women in the workforce

Years ago, when my career depended on my being so much better at what I did than were the men I worked with, and my willingness to work twice as hard for 60.2 percent of their salary, I was forced to walk a very fine line between my feminist principles and my need for that truncated payc [...]

Defense Secretary Carter: Iraq’s forces showed ‘no will to fight’ Islamic State

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Iraqi forces “showed no will to fight” as the Islamic State militant group captured the city of Ramadi, and he rejected calls by Republican lawmakers to commit ground troops to the conflict. “What apparently happened was that the Iraq [...]

A Matter of Trust

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Geriatric Quixotic Logorrhea Disorder (GQLD): A Living Hell

Go to Source : Geriatric Quixotic Logorrhea Disorder (GQLD): A Living Hell

China’s Plan to Lead the Globe

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Obama’s failure on Saudi-Qatari aid to al-Qaeda affiliate

Go to Source : Obama’s failure on Saudi-Qatari aid to al-Qaeda affiliate

Raising the College Graduation Rate

During this time of year when students are donning their caps and gowns to walk across the stage and accept their diploma, we can forget that too many who embark on the journey of getting a college education don’t complete it. That is the topic of an op-ed at the Washington PostR [...]

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

Robert Zimmerman of Hibbing, Minnesota is 74 years old today. The greatest living American songwriter — and one of the greatest songwriters, period — has long been my favorite artist. (And my Dad’s, by the way.) In honor of Bob, here’s my favorite of his songs R [...]

How did you begin to unlearn racism?

Overpass Light Brigade, “Unlearn Racism” When the Overpass Light Brigade brought the message of “Unlearn Racism” to Milwaukee, they held up lights on a subject that we are confronted with daily, but are not always sure how to address as individuals. We know that  [...]

“Pando is a forest of Quaking Aspens growing near Fish Lake in Utah. Pando, whose name is Latin for ‘I spread,’ is a clo [...]