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A Whole New Brand of "Political Correctness"

As the media becomes consumed with the 2016 presidential election and begins to (as President Obama said back in 2004) “slice and dice” the electorate, I’ve started to notice a pattern. The group of voters that seems to fascinate them the most is working class whites  [...]

What Will the Kochs Do For Scott Walker?

As noted in Monday’s Day’s End post, Nick Confessore had quite the scoop from a private Republican meeting in New York yesterday: On Monday, at a fund-raising event in Manhattan for the New York State Republican Party, David Koch told donors that he and his brother, who overse [...]

The Boston bomber should not be put to death

David A. Love No human being deserves the death penalty, not even the Boston bomber.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of conspiring with his older brother Tamerlan in the Boston Marathon bombing and its violent aftermath. Even though his crimes are horrific,  [...]

Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What U.S. Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know

Official Leaks: “These Senior People Do Whatever They Want”

Cartoon: Bikes and cars

(Click to enlarge) I’ve long been meaning to do a strip about the incompatibility of bikes and cars, and Earth Day week seemed as good a time as any. Besides, it was either this or making fun of the clown car that is the field of Republican presidential candidates, and I’m no [...]

Our Rights are Forgotten: The Government/Corporate Encryption Debate is About How Best to Spy on You

The Deal That Should Happen Between Europe and Greece

The odds of something really bad–notably “Grexit,” or a Greek abandonment of the Eurozone and resumption of its own currency as an alternative to increasingly onerous European creditor terms–happening between the European Community and Greece seem to be rising ever [...]

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

For those of you who do not like to read my posts, here is an Open Thread for your comments. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

The Politics of TPP

Hillary Clinton will be the Dem nominee for President. Now Martin O’Malley or Jim Webb may not agree, but, will, she is. That said, if Webb or O’Malley want to make a splash, there is 1 issue that might work – opposition to the Trans Pacific… [[ This is a content s [...]

A Fact-Resistant ‘Group Think’ on Syria

Tired of Remembering Passwords? Try Swallowing Them Instead.

Chances are you’re bad at passwords. Most of us are. A recent statistic offered up by Jonathan LeBlanc, the global head of developer advocacy at PayPal, suggests that nearly 10 percent of people have a password consisting of 123456, 12345678, or, simply, “password.” LeBl [...]

¡Si Se Puede Take the Test!

Jennifer C. Berkshire Test takers who are still learning English get a special treat this time of year. Pssst: Did you know that there is a connection between how well one speaks English and how well one performs on a test conducted in English? If your answer wa [...]

Obamacare shows best poll numbers since botched rollout. And they could be better.

For the first time since the debacle, a new Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows a higher percentage of Americans approve of President Obama’s health-care law than disapprove. The 43 percent who approve is well within the margin of error when compared to the 4 [...]

Obamacare has best poll numbers since botched rollout

For the first time since the debacle, a new Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows a higher percentage of Americans approve of Obamacare than disapprove. The 43 percent who approve is well within the margin of error when compared to the 42 percent who disapprove, mean [...]

1,000 Protestors At Big D.C. Anti-Fast Track/TPP Demonstration

Why Do We Love Batman But Hate Superman?

People hate Superman. That’s the message of the recently released trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which disembodied voices express their anxieties about the Man of Steel. “We’re talking about an alien

Feminist Yelp, a Date-Rape Game, and Other Killer Apps From a Global Women’s Hackathon

What if there was a platform that was kind of like Yelp, but with a feminist twist—where you could rate businesses (specifically bars, clubs, and restaurants) according to how their staff and patrons treat women? That’s the idea behind a mobile app dreamed up by a group of you [...]

No Room for Business as Usual at the Summit of the Americas

The Trans Pacific Partnership: A Fast Track to Lost Jobs and Lower Wages

Doug Cunningham The Obama White House and GOP congressional leaders are teaming up to “fast track” the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress. Obama is partnering with Republicans to pull another NAFTA on workers even as the Democratic base and progres [...]