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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s response to her criticism of his past comments about the housin [...]

Did we mention that the Texas Republican Party is propping up an actual lunatic?

Every time the Texas Republican Party successfully hoists up the most insane person in the state for some public office—looking at you, Gov. Abbott—they appear to then get together in the same backroom to launch a new search for someone crazier. How else to explain the continued campaign  [...]

Email from President Obama: Elkhart

This evening, President Obama wrote the below message to the White House email list to announce his trip to Elkhart, Indiana on Wednesday, June 1st and reflect on the economic progress we've made in both Elkhart and across the country since he originally visited there in the f [...]

Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Trump Onslaught Looks Like It’s Just Warming Up

Elizabeth Warren isn’t ready to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, but she’s had no trouble going after Clinton’s presumptive Republican opponent, Donald Trump. Warren and Trump have sparred on Twitter ever since The Donald locked up the  [...]

Our story so far: on January 28, Donald Trump pledged $1 million at a charity fundraiser for veterans. Four months later, after considerabl [...]

Almost four months after promising $1 million of his own money to veterans’ causes, Donald Trump moved to fulfill that pledge on Mond [...]

David Brooks tries to explain why Hillary Clinton is generally disliked: I would begin my explanation with this question: Can you tell me  [...]

Donald Trump pivots to the general election—wait, Vince Foster edition? Really?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump—a series of words few people ever expected to see in one place as of a year or two ago, which are now as firmly ensconced above our news pages as the raven in the old Poe story—has dispatched with his Republican foes and must now pi [...]

After a barrage of criticism for his remarks comparing wait times for veterans who are VA patients to lines at a Disney amusement par [...]

Authorities said Tuesday that they have arrested five people in Miami who are accused of tricking 1,500 victims into paying a total o [...]

Paging Joe Conason to the Assignment Desk

As we all know, Donald Trump recently suggested that Vince Foster’s suicide was “fishy.” He did this solely to get everyone talking about the old conspiracy theories that maybe Hillary had him murdered, and it worked. Everyone’s talking about it. Sure, most of the  [...]

Ohio cops recorded mocking Trayvon Martin are not the real problem

In yet another case of cops caught on tape, two Ohio sheriff’s deputies were recorded mocking the death of Trayvon Martin and suggesting a “business venture” of portable crosses that could be easily transported and burned in (black, obviously) neighborhoods. The recordings came to light e [...]

Cartoon: SFPD

In honor of the Frisco 5 and the ouster of the San Francisco police chief, a strip I did when I was living in SF. Go to Source : Cartoon: SFPD

Ohio Judge Blocks GOP Efforts to Curtail Early Voting

An Ohio judge ruled Tuesday that Republican efforts to curtail the state’s so-called “Golden Week”—a week that included the ability to register and vote at the same location—violated the Constitution and federal voting laws. In the 120-page opinion, Judge Mic [...]

Almost four months after saying he would give $1 million of his own money to veterans’ causes, Republican candidate Donald Trum [...]

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Outside this city’s downtown convention center, the usual crop of vacationing families were boarding theme pa [...]

Supreme Court throws out all-white jury’s conviction because prosecutors didn’t get the memo

The Supreme Court threw out a Georgia man’s conviction for murder on Monday, possibly opening the way for a new trial. Timothy Foster was convicted by an all-white jury in the murder of an elderly white woman approximately 20 years ago. While Foster did not deny the crime, which happened  [...]

This post was originally published Dec. 31, 2015. It has been updated to reflect Tuesday’s events in a Pennsylvania court, whic [...]

The Manufacturing of "Unlikability" in Presidential Candidates

The title of David Brook’s column today poses one of the more important questions in politics: “Why Is Clinton Disliked?” The answer Brooks comes up with is, to put it mildly, more novel than persuasive. People don’t like Hillary, he says, because she doesn’t [...]

Donald Trump’s lead in a number of recent polls — including one from The Washington Post and ABC News — is in part  [...]